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Your Personal Image

No description

Madi Dwyer

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Your Personal Image

Good Grooming
Do not look grungy
Personal hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you are neat and clean.
Your Personal Image
By: Big Papa, Madi, & Frankie

Taking Care of Your Person
Hair: Clean, shiny, well-cut hair always looks great.
Nails: Avoid Biting your nails, keep your nails and cuticles neatly trimmed.
Perfume and cologne: APPLY TO A CLEAN BODY YA NASTY. Nobody wants to be choked out by your scent.
Taking Care of Your Wardrobe.
Clean: Don't be tempted to wear anything with spots or stains, that's just dirty.
Neat: Clothes should be free of wrinkles. Iron your dress clothes.
Piercings and Tattoos
One persons idea of body art can be another persons idea of mutilation.
When getting a tattoo, keep it to where you can cover it.
When in doubt, do not wear or show them.
When Too Much Is Too Much
Too tight
Too short
Too low-cut
Too loud
Too sheer
(Take note boys, this goes for you too)

What's Appropriate?

Follow the dress code.
Jeans are okay if not torn.
Do not be overdressed.
Keep It Sleazy
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