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Rx Drug Abuse Logic Model

No description

Alice McCaffrey

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Rx Drug Abuse Logic Model

Perceived Risk
Residents of Sullivan County are abusing prescription drugs
Easy Medical Access
New Prescription Drug
Safety Act is not understood
There are 94 pills in the
state for everyone over
12 years of age
In 2010, Tennessee death rate due to
prescription drugs surpassed motor vehicle traffic deaths
(TN Safety Subcabinet Working Group)
Crude Drug Rates for
15 – 24 year olds (per 10,000)
rose from 13.5 (1997) to 49.5 (2004)
(Sullivan County Health Assessment
Problem Statement
Root Cause
Of three plans produced at statewide meeting, we have chosen this one. Our responsibility to the State (grant) is to implement this part of the plan
Local Condition
Local Condition
Too many prescriptions for
scheduled drugs are written

Access to Rx Drugs is easy
Families self medicate
Parents push for a diagnosis
Less stigma than other substances, "they are legal"
Local Condition
Local Condition
Attitude: Take a pill, problems solved
Acceptable to medicate at younger ages
Cultural acceptance
More pills prescribed as a continuation of other issues
Legitimate use being subverted
"Doctor shoppers" think it is easy to acquire medication
Previous requirements to report to database was voluntary
Expectation to report every 30 days
Provide information
Provide information
Provide information
Build Skills
Build Skills
Build Skills
Provide support
Provide support
Provide support
Change Incentives or Consequences
Physical Design
of Environment
Physical Design
of Environment
Physical Design
of Environment
Policy, Procedure, Practice
Policy, Procedure, Practice
Policy, Procedure, Practice
Law enforcement policies that reduce Rx drug theft by ensuring a full investigation is completed for drug theft and reported to computer-based system.
Provide information to law enforcement on the benefit of completing full investigations on drug thefts and maintaining accurate records
Develop media opportunities that recognize law enforcement's efforts to reduce Rx drug availability and reporting methods
Educate and train law enforcement on reporting requirements
Educate the community on the information required concerning a stolen RX and the reporting process
Provide a method for citizens to record prescribed substances and to maintain an inventory of medications
Provide a "how to" instrument for reporting Rx investigation information in case of theft
Reduce reporting requirements by providing drug take backs
Reduce reporting requirements by supporting installation of more permanent Rx drop boxes in secure locations
Certificates of appreciation to law enforcement agencies implementing reporting system
Increase lighting and security surveillance for disposal (drop boxes) and pharmacies to reduce reporting requirements
Drug death rate in Tennessee is higher than the US rate (2010)
31.83% of admissions to state funded treatment centers in Sullivan County were due to opiods
(Department of Substance Abuse, Percent of Substances Abused FY 2012)
Root Cause
The number of drugs prescribed during 2010 to Tennesseans represents 51 pills of hydrocodone, 22 pills of alprazolam, and 21 pills of oxycodone for for EVERY Tennessean above the age of 12
(Report to the 2011 107th General Assembly by the Tennessee Department of Health Controlled Substance Database Advisory
Committee, Board of Pharmacy)
70% of drugs come from friends and family with unused prescriptions
(National Survey on Drug Use and Health)
Provide easy access to Amnesty boxes and Drug Take-Back events
Place Amnesty boxes at every law enforcement agency
Hold Take Back events in different places to give citizens access closer to their homes
Publicly recognize law enforcement agencies for holding Take-Back events
Provide volunteers for take back events
Provide information to citizens about the dangers of Rx drug abuse and prevention practices
Train coalition members to help at a Take Back events
Increase medical community participation in Coalition for improved coordination
Identify and promote training practices within medical community
Provide information to community about the dangers of Rx drug abuse and medicating every problem
Collaborate to provide community training about Rx Drug Abuse
Collaborate with medical community at health fairs, educational events
Provide clinic/office messaging about for patients about inventorying/locking up meds
Identify Rx Drug Abuse Prevention Partners
In 2011 in Sullivan County, DCS had to remove 31 children from their homes because of parental drug abuse
(DCS data)
In anticipation of funding, the Coalition began studying the problem in March 2012
We went through our strategy process at our September 2012 meeting. The following day, the State announced that all coalitions would work together to create a statewide strategy
Would like these measures:
Age of onset
Frequency of use (past 30 days)
Perception of risk or harm
Perception of parent disapproval
david@lockmed.com - lock box giveaways at Take-Back Events
david@lockmed.com - lock box giveaways at Take-Back Events
Possible future ideas:
Change law (procedure) to show ID if picking up meds for someone else (picking up narcotics for anyone)
Boxes for Bluff City & Bristol
Pass out info during Take-Back
70% (check statistic) getting drugs from friends and family
Suboxene, Ambien, Phenergan
House for Sale? - http://www.drugfree.org/join-together/prescription-drugs/thieves-steal-prescription-drugs-from-medicine-cabinets-in-open-houses?utm_source=Join+Together+Daily&utm_campaign=c3353f61ec-JT_Daily_News_Addressing_Fetal_Alcohol&utm_medium=email
Kaiser Family: StateHealthFacts.org
Food City would like to have an event at each of their stores. If you are part of a coalition in the following counties and can help coordinate an event at a Food City in your county, including local law enforcement, please contact Carrie at philbrickc@FoodCity.com or 800-826-8451 x 5769.
Food City Pharmacy #605 - Kingsport
Food City Pharmacy #617 - Bristol
Food City Pharmacy #657 - Kingsport
Food City Pharmacy #664 - Kingsport
Food City Pharmacy #669 - Blountville
Food City Pharmacy #699 - Piney Flats
Drug Courts - Counties in VA have begun their courts with drug seizure money
SC SO 40.6 lbs (2013), 83 (2012), 76 (2011)
BT PD 70 lbs (2013),
Concerning Trends in Teen Prescription Drug Abuse According to the New PATS Data (2008-2012) - http://www.drugfree.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/PATS-2012-KEY-FINDINGS.pdf

One in four teens (24 percent) reports having misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime (up from 18 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2012), which translates to about 5 million teens. That is a 33 percent increase over a five-year period.
Of those kids who said they abused Rx medications, one in five (20 percent) has done so before age 14.
More than a quarter of teens (27 percent) mistakenly believe that misusing and abusing prescription drugs is safer than using street drugs.
One-third of teens (33 percent) say they believe “it’s okay to use prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them to deal with an injury, illness or physical pain.”
Almost one in four teens (23 percent) say their parents don’t care as much if they are caught using Rx drugs without a doctor’s prescription, compared to getting caught with illegal drugs.
Good Morning Alice -

I read through your e-mails with David and for your cause, what most coalitions use is our small boxes. These get the idea of locking up medications across to people and it's more cost effective for you. I worked up a quote for you and I was able to give you a few discounts. I did 10% off our product and 30% off shipping. This would bring you to $90.16. If you would like, I can send you over a formal Quote.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Brenda Vietmeier
888-458-2746 x700
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Lockmed Medical Product Company
Visit us on the web at www.lockmed.com
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