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The Mystery Of King Tut

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of The Mystery Of King Tut

The Mystery OF King Tut
By-Marissa,Dylan,and Luis
When and Where Did The Mystery Begin
The mystery took place in Egypt's valley of the Kings , King Tuts tomb was opened in 1922
What Other Explanations Are there for The Mystery
The highest profile death associated with the curse is probably George Stanhope,the fifth Carl of Carnarvon, a british aristocrat and amateur Egyptologist who helped finance the search.His death 4/25/1923 he suffered from a mosquito bite infection,which killed him. Another explanation is a year after the tomb was opened they were exposed to Aspergillus Niger (black mold)a fungus that causes fever,fatigue,and rashes .

What Is My Theory?

I think whoever opened the tomb for King Tut got a disease called the "black mold" from the tomb , which made them sick and later on killed them.
When did the Mystery Begin

What Is The Mystery
The Mystery Of King Tut Is many people associated with opening the tomb were soon victims to the curse,which was dying under mysterious circumstances. A few people who were involved in the opening and finding of the tomb did in fact die not long after. A total of 9 people died.
The mystery of king tut began in 1922, when the tomb was opened
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