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Making Kaohsiung Memorable

No description

Joshua Adams

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Making Kaohsiung Memorable

All aboard, our next port of call is Kaohsiung City, TW
Kaohsiung, the most memorable city in Taiwan
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Kaohsiung City’s focus on generating and increasing tourism in the city
Quality existing tourist attractions and improvements being made to them
Love River, Lotus Pond, Pier 2, Fo Guang Shan, Ci Jin Island, Sizihwan Bay, Night Markets and more
The New Asia Bay Initiative
Cruise ship terminal, Kaohsiung Exhibition & Convention Center, Airport expansion, Mass Media Marketing, other event expansion.
The benefits of pedicab operations are:
They are easy businesses to start and take a low level of training.
They generally earn people more than the minimum wage, and in some cases, much more.
They do offset the need for automobiles which is inline with a greener Kaohsiung. 
Pedicabs can make mass transit more feasible in that they allow people to connect to a destination that may be a distance from the mass transit hub
Painting and Sculpture Art
Museum of Fine Arts, KAOHSIUNG ART (80+ Galleries), Pier 2 museums and sculptures
Performing Arts
Wei Wu Ying Center for Arts, Datang Performing Art Center, Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center, Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Pier 2 The WALL, local venue live music
Public Art
Culture & Arts Reward Act, Kaohsiung Public Art Fund, permanent and non-permanent art projects, Container Art Festival, Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Formosa Boulevard and Central Park MRT stations, The Lost Military Village (now closed)
Kaohsiung City’s focus on Art
And turns them into unique, interesting and memorable art murals
Goal: To make Kaohsiung the leading public arts city in the world
Benefits of B.A.P.T.
Establish a 365 day a year tourist attraction.
Beautify the city and areas surrounding other tourist attractions.
Encourage cultural expressions and pride of the city.
Create lasting memories and talking points of visitors to Kaohsiung.
Create new revenue streams.
Kaohsiung City Government
Local businesses
Sponsor businesses
Create jobs and opportunities associated with the project
Pedicab Tour Service
What is Kaohsiung City B.A.P.T.?
Kaohsiung City Building Arts Project & Tour would be an art tour that takes something Kaohsiung has an abundance of; large, plain and mundane building faces
The Kaohsiung City B.A.P.T program would tie together the tourism and arts initiatives by expanding and focusing on the public art program
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