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History of the Automobile

No description

Tavione Williams

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of History of the Automobile

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot
A French inventor
In 1768 he invented the first steam powered auto-mobile capable of human transportation
Ran on steam
Not very successful, unstable, and only went 2 mph
Oliver Evans
Used his steam engine, the Grasshopper, to power his self-propelled vehicle the Amphibious Digger
It could be driven on land and in water
First automotive in America
Karl Benz
German inventor
Father of the modern day automobile
Invented the gasoline powered internal combustion engine, which is much like the one we use today
His engine wasn't completely successful
Nikolaus Otto made improvements to Benz's engine and was able to make it a commercial success
Karl Benz's company still remains a major player in the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz
Henry Ford
Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry when he invented the assembly
The assembly line allowed for faster production thus reducing the price of the car
Because of this commoners were now able to afford a vehicle
Which all led to the growth of major cities, suburbs, and mass urbanization
Look How Far We've Come!
History of the Automobile
Tavione Williams-Polk
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