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Yugioh cards

7th grade Gabriel

Student Shelton

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Yugioh cards

Pictures of yugioh
The reason why I like yugoh is because it makes me think about it like what move will I move next or what thing will I get from my deck.
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I have made many decks but the one i like the most is my XYZ deck. I also have a Monster deck and a Magic deck.
Made in April 4,1998
The first Yugioh show was made by Toei Animation and it was first aired on TV Ashia between April 4,1998 and October 10,1998.
I am going to tell you a little bit about this movie
Videos of Yugioh
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5,000 years ago, a brave Pharaoh killed and imprisoned Anubis after he tried to destroy the world using the forbidden Shadow Games. In the present day, Anubis' tomb is uncovered by archaeologists, complete with his most valuable treasure, the Pyramid of Light. Moving ahead to the present, the Battle City finals have concluded, and Yugi Mutou has achieved international fame by defeating his rival Seto Kaiba and obtaining the three powerful Egyptian God Cards. Determined to defeat Yugi, Kaiba turns to Maximillion Pegasus to gain any new cards designed to defeat the God cards. Kaiba and Pegasus duel with Kaiba winning and taking two cards, although Pegasus claims he only created one.
My favorite hobby is to collect Yugioh Cards

The reason why I like Yugioh
Here is a video of people dueling
This is the Yugioh theme song
Here is a video of Yugi battling Seto kiaba
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