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Stuart Downing

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Refugees

Refugees are people who have fled their country for various reasons. Most refugees in the world right now are fleeing from the war in Syria and are spread around countries in the middle east.
Many people flee from their countries because of war (45% of refugees). They are forced to move by the goverment and soldiers.
People also move because of discrimination (15% of refugees). This is when a group of people tries to kill or kick another group of people out of the city and/or country.
Did you know that there are 1.7 million refugees in camps right now? Its true!
Better Life
A lot of refugees move for a better lifestyle (40% of refugees). This includes: jobs, money, safety and adventure.
When you are a refugee, you will not have any of these:
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By: Nicholas Parente Y5S
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