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MLA Citations

No description

Carrie Creegan

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of MLA Citations

Putting it together:
Givhan, Robin. "First Lady Michelle Obama
Serves as Fashion Icon." The
Washington Post, 21 January 2013.
Web. 22 January 2015.
What is MLA?
MLA is a way to show where you got information that isn't originally your own.
Why do we need MLA
MLA is useful for:
-giving credit to the original author
-supporting your ideas with research
-avoiding plagiarism
-providing a way for readers of your
work to get more information on the topic
Internet Sources
Information you will need:

Editor or author
Article title
Overall title of website/publication
Date article was published
Date article was accessed
Book Sources
Information you will need:

City published
Year published

Author's last name, first name. "Title of
Article." Source Title. City
published, publishing date. Web.
Date of access.
What if there are two authors?
In alphabetical order:

Last name #1, First name, and First name #2 and Last name.

Example Authors:
James Yogle and Matt Beets

Correct Format:
Beets, Matt and James Yogle
MLA Citations
If any of the pieces of information cannot be found, simply don't include it!
How to cite a book:
Author's Last name, First name. Title of Book.
City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Print.
How to cite an internet source:
Editor or author last name, first name.
"Title of Article." Title of Web Site, Date of
publication. Web. Date accessed.
Book Source

Author: Chinua Achebe
Title: Things Fall Apart
City of publication: New York
Date of publication: 1959
Publisher: Anchor Books
Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York:
Anchor Books, 1959. Print.
Internet Source

Editor: Tammy McGill
Article Title: Shakespeare's Sonnets
Title of Website: Oxquarry Books Ltd
Date of Creation: 2001
Date of Access: 23 January 2015
McGill, Tammy. "Shakespeare's Sonnets."
Oxquarry Books Ltd, 2001. Web.
23 January 2015.
Article: First Lady Michelle Obama Serves as Fashion Icon
Author: Robin Givhan
Source: The Washington Post
Date of Publication: 21 January 2013
Date of Access: 22 January 2015
Database (Magazine/Newspaper) Source
Information you will need:

Article title
Source title (encyclopedia, newspaper,
City published
Publishing date
How to cite a database
How to format dates:
Day Month Year

Ex: 22 November 1988
No commas!
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