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Red Bull Energy Intervention Association

No description

James Carlson

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Red Bull Energy Intervention Association

CONCEPT: Energy Intervention Association
T-shirt featuring an image of the human evolution into a Red Bull can.
Large Group Check-Ins: If a group of 25 or more people are nominated for an intervention (within a company, school, team, etc.), a Red Bull energy truck (water truck, concrete mixer, etc.) will be brought to the site early with a huge hose ‘pumping’ energy into the building. This truck also has opportunities for product trials.
Delta in Cincinnati Red Bull Sales
Know a lethargic individual in serious need of an energy boost? It’s not too late. The EIA will be a Cincinatti service for those who have unfortunately not been one of the lucky ones to evolve with the energy demands in this modern world. If you notice or care about someone who needs to evolve with the times, turn them in anonymously through our online Intervention website or 1-800 intervention hotline.
As with any interventions, there are check-ins. We will need recipients of the intervention to check in once a week at registered Red Bull retail locations and mobile Wings Team Check-In Trucks.
Every time you check in with a Red Bull team member, your picture with staff will be posted on our intervention website in an album with a title “XX interventions and counting…”
Funny billboards and intercepts soliciting calls for interventions
Red Bull check-ins: Wings team brings energy check-in trucks to retail locations.
Social media check-ins at Red Bull retailers for a chance to win an inspiring trip. In order to do a check-in, you need to take a picture/selfie with a can of Red Bull to show you are taking your intervention seriously.
The website will be in the style of a PSA information website. This website will teach you how to identify a person who hasn’t evolved to meet today’s energy demands.
Once someone has been turned in, the recipient will receive an intervention kit in the form of an email and/or direct mailer.
An “Energy Self-Assessment Quiz” to find out if the recipient, in fact, needs an energy intervention. If the quiz taker is, in fact, energetically involved, and wrongly nominated, they are automatically re-directed to a relaxation/calming website.
Tips on how to boost their energy. Tip #1: a Red Bull sample.
A chance to win something that gets you energized: gym membership, free supply of Red Bull, etc.
Press Launch and Interviews
Cincinnati selected as ‘ground zero’
Viral video PSA calling for an intervention for those loved ones in life that need an energy boost.
Number of nominations/interventions
Press Coverage
We presented an initial idea, which you liked
You gave us feedback and wanted more detail, which you got
You asked us for additional concepts that focus more on product: that's what this is
Share new ideas:
Review changes to original idea: Wings of the City based on your feedback
Great campaigns that drive press, impressions, and traffic
Ideas that flow easily from human energy / evolution
3rd Party Endorsements
Charity / Community Tie-in
Consumer social media engagement
We are famous for this!
Camouflage the promotion in the PR
Continual updating of 'intervention statistics' with media
Social sharing of interventions 'results' using common hashtags
Tally of total interventions; affecting city Energy "Score" - or city-wide energy 'progress bar'
Share stories of improved happiness from greater achievement of individuals
Social share of the intervened using kit benefits - health club membership, activity participations
Setup the Energy Elevation Association
Design Campaign Website
We will create a campaign micro-site that will act as the hub for the entire campaign.

The site will contain the Energy Evolution Survey, an online test that anyone can use to nominate someone (or themselves) for an Energy Make-over.

(This is the Enrollment.)
Campaign Micro-site
Create Campaign Promo Video
We will develop and execute a campaign video designed to be a viral introduction to the Energy Intervention Association.

The video will feature locally-sourced Cincinnati performance talent who will share personal stories about their own energy challenges and encourage viewers to engage in the campaign by visiting the campaign site.
Campaign video
Create Energy Intervention Kit
We will design the Energy Intervention Kit, which is a mailer piece sent to the association members upon enrollment.
Design spec for energy kit
Launch Campaign
We will trigger the campaign launch with the media partner and the viral video. This will also involve some promoted social posts around the themes of engaging and energizing Cincinnati.
Press Release, Press Conference, Media
Impressions to the Campaign Site, Red Bull media
Monitor Survey
Throughout the course of the campaign we will constantly monitor the submissions made to the campaign site.

The survey questions will be designed with narrative questions that we will mine for relevant social posts and follow-ons.
Impressions to the Campaign Site, Red Bull media
Social media posts
Send Intervention Kits
We will also announce anyone completing the survey if they are of high profile and follow-on with social posts.
Product sent to Association members
Media about members as received
Analyze Submissions
All the Association members were challenged to engage in the Energy Association and share their stories in order to win a prize. We will analyze Association member behavior to determine the winner of the campaign prize stash.
Rubric and analysis of association members
Conclude Campaign
Determine Winner
We will choose a winner.
Chosen winner
Conduct Prizewinner Event
Through the media partner and promoted social, we will announce an event to celebrate the winner of the Energy Association prize stash. Partner organizations (who are providing the prizes, such as health clubs) will be invited to participate.
Social share

Media attention / PR

Partner support / engagement
Launch the Campaign
0-60 days
120-150 days
Product sales localization
The tone and design of the site and of this campaign will be
The website will accept entries from both individuals and organizations, and will provide immediate energy 'tips' based on the results of the survey.
Each association member will be sent an energy intervention kit. It will contain tips on how to boost their energy, tools for them to engage in the wider Cincinnati community, and swag that supports the campaign.

The kits will direct association members to share socially in order to have a chance to win:
Gym Membership
Free supply of Red Bull

Kits will also include a map to nearest Red Bull purchase locations
Schedule Energy Make-over Events
Profiles and stories about assoc. members
Events scheduled at Red Bull locations
Identify Media Partner
We will find a local media outlet who can give us continual online and live-media coverage of this campaign.

We will execute a Memorandum of Agreement giving this media partner first scoop on all campaign activities and related PR.
Identified media partner and memorandum of agreement
Product Sample
Map to nearest Red Bull
Tips on how to power up
Social media to share, for a chance to win bigger prizes
We will track and monitor all social posts made by association members as they participate in the campaign, and keep a running tally of the favorites and exceptional shares on the campaign microsite.
60-120 days
Through the campaign site we will announce and schedule local events designed for Association members to 'check-in' on their energy levels. These events will feature Red Bull samples, Wings team participation, and plenty of social. Media partner will be given heads up to when events take place.
Energy Evolution Association: Plan and Timing
Make-overs are themed in some way:
Getting through the Doldrums

Members come to the energy make-over event and learn new things, get more things, build their capacity for energy.
frame in 30 day windows by cost unit
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