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Gulliver's Travels

No description

David Parrish

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Gulliver's Travels

By: Johnathan Swift About the Author Theme Setting Characters -Born November 30, 1667 in Dublin, Ireland (Bio.com)

-Earned degree from Trinity College (Bio.com)

-Became a writer and worked for a statesman (Bio.com)

-Became dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (Bio.com)

-Married Esther Johnson in 1716 (Bio.com)

-Swift died in Dublin on October 19, 1745 (Bio.com) -Story of Lemuel Gulliver getting stranded on
the island of Lilliput
-Poses the question of physical power over
moral righteousness
-Also about which should be governing factor
in life
-Deals with how people fit into societies
they don't belong in Actually are many different settings. Mostly consisting of many islands traveled to by Gulliver. Main character Exposition Gulliver's Travels Rising Action Gulliver sets sail on the high seas from England to sail the Indian Ocean and is caught in a bad wind and rainstorm. His ship ends up getting severely damaged and begins to sink. He swims ashore to an island that he does not know. When he reaches the shore, he lays down and falls into a deep sleep. Climax Falling Action Falling Action #2 -Lilliput
-Houyhnhnm Land Islands of: Lemuel Gulliver- sets sail on the high seas only to shipwreck and get stranded on island of Lilliput. Other characters Lilliputians and Lilliputian emperor- Inhabitants of Lilliput that stand only a few inches tall to Gulliver. The Emperor is a harsh man who loves war and wants to enslave the neighboring islands. Brobdingnagians and their King- Complete opposites of Lilliputians; complete giants. The King wants Gulliver to teach him english. Aside from being about a man who went to sail the high seas only to shipwreck, become stranded, and travel to many different islands, the story really puts a person's size and physical ability against their moral ethics. It also puts how we see a person's class in society. Gulliver wakes up on the island and remembers what had happened to him. When he tries to get up, he is unable to move. He realizes the island is called Lilliput and the inhabitants and the emperor, who all stand six inches tall, have captured him and soon take him as a prisoner. The Lilliputians want to kill Gulliver by poisoning him. The emperor wants to use him to destroy the neighboring island, Brobdingnag. After convincing the Lilliputians not to poison him or kill him, Gulliver earns the trust of the Lilliputians and the emperor and is set free. Gulliver leaves the island of Lilliput and sets sail once again back to England. He runs into more islands on the way back. He then finally reaches England after all of his adventures. Resolution Gulliver reaches England and makes a living off of his adventures Work Cited "Jonathan Swift Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. http://www.biography.com/people/jonathan-swift-9500342
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