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Native Animals and Plants In Gerogia

Georgia's 5 Regions

Janet Ramirez

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Native Animals and Plants In Gerogia

The 5 Regions of Georgia
Appalachian Plateau
The Appalachian Plateau are located in the northwestern corner of Georgia. The Plateau covers parts of NY, PA, Ohio, MD, WV, KY, TN, GA and AL. Many different species of animals and plants live there. Such as . . .
Animals in the Appalachian Plateau
The most common animals found in the Appalachian Plateau are Deers, Eagles, Foxes, Turtles, Spiders, Herons, Mule Druthers, Toads and Frogs
Plants in the Appalachian Plateau
The Appalachian Plateau region is mostly cover with Oak Trees. Basswood, Sugar Maple, Tulip Poplar, Beech Tree, Birch Tree, and Hemlock Tree are some of the trees in the Plateau. With trees all around the area it attracts many tourist and helps the Wood Industry.
Appalachian Plateau
Valley &
Blue Ridge
Coastal Plains
Valley and Ridge
The Valley and Ridge is located in the Northwestern part of Georgia. The region has low open valleys and narrow ridges that run parallel to the valleys. The forests and pastures dominate, but there are flat and fertile farmland.
Animals in the Ridge & Valley
The Ridge and Valley is the place for Bird Watchers. Some of the birds in the Ridge and Valley are Chestnut-sided Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Red-tailed hawk, and Cardinals. There are also Deer Racoons, Skunks, Rattlesnakes and Salamanders
Plants in the Ridge and Valley
In the Ridge and Valley there are mostly Oak Trees everywhere you turn around ,but there's not just Oak Trees there are Maple Trees, Beech Trees, Ash Tress and American Chestnut Trees.
Blue Ridge
The Blue Ridge region is located in the Northeastern part of Georgia. It's known for it's rugged beauty.The Brasstown Bald, is the highest peak in the state of Georgia.
Animals in the Blue Ridge
Many different animals in this region
are a bit similar from the ones in the
Appalachian Plateau. It's because the
Blue Ridge is also part of the
Appalachian Mountain Range.
Animals in this region are . . . . .
Plants in the Blue Ridge
In the Blue Ridge there are plants, such as Hickory Trees, Golden Rod, Cardinal Flowers and Starry Champions.
Black Bears
White Tailed Deer
The Piedmont is the most populated region out of the five. Georgia's capital, which is Atlanta, is located in this region as well. The Piedmont is located in the central part of GA. It stretches across Alabama to South Carolina and ends at the Fall Line.
Piedmont's Wildlife
Piedmont isn't really known for having too much wildlife. Mainly because it is a city type of region. It is home of Bats, Moles, Red Foxes, and Wild Turkeys.
Piedmont is home to many different kinds of tree types. Such as the following . . .
Piedmont's Plant Life
Coastal Plains
The Coastal Plains are located in the southern part of Georgia. The Coastal Plains are divided by an upper and lower plains. The Upper is where the Agriculture part is and the lower is where the Atlantic Ocean and Swamps are located.
Animals in the Coastal Plains
Types of animals in the Coastal Plains are Raccoons, Opossums, Wild Turkeys, Deer, Bobcats, Songbirds and Quails.
Plants In Coastal Plain
Trees in the Coastal Plains are Wired Grass, Loblolly Pine, Wax Myrtle and Oak Tree.

Mule Druthers
Basswood Tree
Sugar Maple
Tulip Poplar
Beech Tree
Birch Tree
Natural Resources
In the Appalachian Plateau there are natural resources such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, timber and ground water.
Natural Resources
The Natural resources in the Ridge and Valley are Surface Water, Sedimentary Deposits
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