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Sales Law Story

No description

Benjamin Owings

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Sales Law Story

Sales Law Story
So Bill is now basically a slave3 to the mayor he was to barter and deliver all of the mayors transactions. The business man spent his nights looking for loop holes to get out, he even called the UCC but they couldn't do anything
Moral of the story don't sign a contract without reading it..... THE END
So he went to the towns mayor to talk about price for the invention. The mayo said the product would compete with the existing goods. Bill then said to the mayor that the payments wouldn't be that bad for the people.
The business man told the mayor he would never discus future goods with him. The risk of loss was too high when one night he stumbled on a part in the contract that was not specific.
The identified good was never mentioned in the contracts. He just entered a slave contract. There was never a recipient of goods. Unfortunately he took the case to court and lost due to he fact he couldn't prove he didn't mean to sign this contract.
So against the mayors better judgement he agreed. However the mayor wanted partial ownership. So to avoid any law suits they signed contracts to avoid statue of fraud. What the mayor didn't tell Bill is that one of the contracts was a unconscious contract. Which meant he had to serve the mayor.
Once upon a time a business man by the name of Bill wanted to sale his new invention to the towns people. However he couldn't settle on a price.
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