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2017 Report to Members

No description

Sarah Leeson-Klym

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of 2017 Report to Members

Together, we’re promoting & strengthening Community Economic Development
Together, we’re building skills, knowledge, and networks
Together, we’re building a better public policy environment
Report to Members 2017
Our Network
We currently have
members across Manitoba. This is about average for this time of year.

members took part in last year’s
Spring Member Meeting
on June 28, 2016 at the West End Commons where we reported our annual results and discussed CCEDNet’s ongoing role in policy advocacy as well how to increase and diversify our membership.

members took part in the
Annual Policy Summit
held on November 19.

The night before The Gathering, we hosted a
Member Meet Up
at Fools & Horses, providing a casual environment for local members to meet and network with our National board of directors.

Regional Committee
met 4 times last year.
This team is our overarching member leadership group!

Together, we create The Gathering, where Manitoba’s community builders connect, learn, and celebrate
CCEDNet – Manitoba participated in at least
working groups including:

Make Poverty History Manitoba, Right to Housing, EIA Advocates Network, Social Enterprise Community of Practice, CCEDNet’s National Policy Council, the People Centered Economy Group, Social Finance Working Group, WISE Working Group, Co-op Community Strategy Working Group 1 – Policy and Finance, Child Care Coalition of Manitoba, WHRA Health Equity Knowledge Exchange Working Group, Next Up Advisory Team, State of the Inner City advisory team, and starting soon - Social Enterprise Council of Canada
We are developing two new research products in partnership with CCPA - Manitoba.

An Untitled Documentary on CED in Manitoba, in partnership with CCPA - Manitoba and Rebel Sky Media

2017 State of the Inner City Report which is tentatively going to assert a community based understanding of value-for-money.
CCEDNet – Manitoba responded to over
requests for information or direct support. These efforts would have a consulting value of over
. This doesn’t include the direct support offered by Spark or Social Enterprise Manitoba.

Altogether, these information services save community organizations time and effort spent researching and looking for needed resources.
We have increased our communications posting frequency and are seeing increased social media engagement as a result. Website traffic is not as strong although we have seen strong engagement with the CED Toolbox and What’s New in CED sections. Overall, Facebook and Twitter are our strongest communications platforms with consistently increasing followers and engagement.

tools, news posts, jobs and events (almost doubled from last year)
website visits,
from Winnipeg (about a 10,000 visit increase over last year)
newsletters & bulletins sent, with at least
new addresses on the mailing list
new followers and
social media posts across FB, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.
We hosted or partnered on
presentations, increasing our reach and promoting CED to familiar and new audiences.

Know Poverty concert raising funds for ongoing advocacy
Post Secondary classes - Public Administration, Sustainable Development, Urban and Inner City Studies, Inner City Social Work, Community Development & CED
Connecting with the business community - World Trade Centre webinars on community enterprises - Co-ops, Non-Profits, and Social Enterprises
“A New Economy”: film screening in partnership with MCA, CDEM, and ACU
Showcasing Your Work to Canadian audiences - Nunavut Economic Developers Association, emerging Alberta CED Network, HUMA Federal Standing Committee on Social Development, Poverty Reduction and Social Enterprise

The Spirit of Winnipeg Awards included CCEDNet members Mother Earth Recycling, Peg City Car Co-op, and United Way of Winnipeg taking home awards. Other notable nominees included Fools & Horses and Fort Whyte Alive.

Mother Earth Recycling, also receiving an Excellence in Sustainability Award from the Province of Manitoba.

Some notable media coverage included 2016 Gathering keynote speaker - Karen Joseph from Reconciliation Canada - on CBC Radio. There were also multiple Winnipeg Free Press and CBC articles featuring Make Poverty History Manitoba and Right to Housing, including pieces written by Kirsten Bernas.
Close to 30 members attended the Nov. 27
Policy Summit
and passed 14 new or amended resolutions for a total of 36. These resolutions vary and span many policy areas, representing a solid policy agenda that if implemented would support the Province’s most vulnerable more strongly and would create supportive infrastructure for community based social, economic, and environmental change.

On Jan. 25
about 20 members met to review the role CCEDNet plays
, the tactics we use, and how we communicate with and engage members. That feedback is informing our policy action plan going forward.

On Feb. 9, members and other guests joined Marianne Cerilli for a
exploring a spectrum of social change actions including policy advocacy and community economic development, looking at where different movements fit and exploring how they could work together to challenge government change that doesn’t align with our priorities.
Kirsten Bernas
, our Policy & Research Manager for over 5 years, left in April for a new opportunity with member organization, West Central Women’s Resource Centre.
Provincial Government

After the election, we analyzed the new government’s campaign information, early statements, and changes to departments against our policy mandate, identified primary departments Indigenous & Municipal Relations, Families, Growth Enterprise and Trade, and Education and Training, with secondary priority going to Sustainable Development, Justice, and the Status of Women. We have met with Ministers Clark, Cullen, and Fielding and continue to seek meetings with others.

We submitted pre-budget recommendations, an Access to Capital consultation response, a Reducing Red Tape consultation response, recommendations for the Premier’s Enterprise Team, feedback on the new Workplace Standard for the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, and a Manitoba Climate Action Plan consultation response. We also supported submissions from the various coalitions we work with and a group of organizations that were part of the Reducing Red Tape NPO Strategy.

Response has been mixed. We are pleased to see Neighbourhoods Alive, Community Development, and the commitment to social procurement at Manitoba Housing continue, although reduced. We are frustrated about the lack of action on the Climate and Green Plan, cuts to cooperatives supports including the Co-op Development Tax Credit, the focus on social impact bonds, and the consistent reports of lacking communication and budget cuts to community organizations.
Federal Government

We support CCEDNet’s National Policy Council, the People-Centred Economy Group, the Alternative Federal Budget, and beginning this June, the Social Enterprise Council of Canada.

We met with Minister Duclos regarding the emerging poverty reduction strategy, (former) Minister Mihychuk about social enterprise development, and presented on poverty reduction and social enterprise to the HUMA Committee (Standing Committee on Employment and Social Development and Status of Persons with Disabilities) as part of their cross-Canada tour developing a report on poverty reduction. We also brokered a new relationship with CCEDNet’s national office, the Social Enterprise Council of Canada and the Minister of Small Business and Tourism around social enterprise support.

Our national office has secured a partnership grant from ESDC, and leveraged with McConnell Foundation to bring together key national stakeholders for the Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project. Find out more at www.s4es.ca.

A motion to approve a Food Policy Council was unanimously adopted by the Executive Policy Council!

Green Action Centre has been gaining public support and attention for their composting social enterprise in the face of City Council’s inaction on organic waste removal. CCEDNet is supporting GAC as they develop an advocacy campaign.

A Make Poverty History Manitoba working group is developing a community led Winnipeg Municipal Poverty Reduction Plan. As Project Team members, we helped convene the broad based Steering Committee.
The final community engagement meeting is June 27, 6:00 at Winnipeg Harvest.
We’ll be seeking endorsements over the summer and launching the report in the fall.

Darcy continues to connect with the city around their work to create a new sustainable procurement policy to ensure that social or community benefit is included.
We have supported
Next Up Winnipeg
as a local partner for the past 3 years. The 3rd cohort of 16 young leaders wrapped up recently. We see these leaders emerging in a variety of sectors, as social enterprise workers, in health care and the labour movement, community organizations, and student leadership.
“[The keynotes] were extremely moving and eye opening. I appreciated the first-hand perspective that they both were able to bring, present and discuss.”
Together, we’re building capacity by matching you with the skills you need, when you need them
Together, we are leaders in developing social enterprise

Keynote Speakers
Social Enterprise or Cooperative Vendors
of people had a Good or Very Good Overall Experience
left with additional skills and knowledge
were satisfied with diversity of topics
rated their workshop experiences as Good or Very Good
Over Half
made meaningful connections with more than 10 people
The Gathering 2017 - Celebrating 15 Years!
Thriving Together: Building Our Shared Future
October 20, 2017
Effective Tools for Facilitation, Jan Schmidt
Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise with SEED Winnipeg and CCEDNet
Collaborating with Business for Social Transformation, Garry Loewen
Ideas and Best Practices for Awesome Nonprofit Design, Man Overboard and Sara Atnikov
Getting the Word Out: Public Relations for Your Organization, Kerry Fraser
Knowing Your Niche: Focused Program Planning, Margerit Roger
Dealing with Conflict in the Community, Mediation Services
Tools for Great Facilitation, Jan Schmidt
Community Development as Community Organizing, Joe Wasylycia-Leis
The Power of Story, Cate Friesen, The Story Source
Stronger Outcomes for Better Results, Margerit Rogers, Eupraxia Training
Understanding Fundraising, Mikuska Group
Spark was approached for assistance by
groups, and approached
new potential volunteers as well as meeting with
organizations. There were
spark matches worth
in pro-bono assistance. We also made
referrals to important resources and did
hours of direct service where it was appropriate.
We said ‘farewell’ to
Katie Derksen
, a Spark Recruitment Coordinator for the past few years. We miss her incredible networking skills and contributions to Spark’s communications work. We wish her the best in her new work with the University of Winnipeg’s PACE program.
Spark hosted several
"Tell Us What Hurts"
event for local community organizations. The event combines a presentation about Spark, suitable and unsuitable projects for pro bono matching, and a speed assessment session where the Spark staff met with a variety of organizations to begin scoping and planning projects. This has led to a number of successful matches, and CCEDNet plans to replicate this event at least semi-annually.
Spark presented the
2016 Outstanding Pro Bono Consultant award
to Chad Penner and Preston Mandamin of Blueprint Law. The 2017 award went to Stephanie Sproule from Optimum Statistics for her work with John Howard Society. This is CCEDNet’s award category at Volunteer Manitoba's Annual Volunteer Awards, recognizing the contribution of Spark’s skilled pro bono consultants.
Attended the
Global Pro Bono Network’s 5th Summit
in Lisbon Portugal, with other pro bono leaders and intermediary organizations from 27 countries. The Summit, organized by the US organization Taproot, with financial support from the BMW Foundation, is an incredible opportunity to share experience, models and approaches in order to develop both as individual organizations and as a global movement.

Eyaa-Keen Healing Centre - matched with HR specialist Crystal Laborero, who is helping Eyaa-Keen to create job profiles, staffing and training gaps. Crystal Laborero is an independent HR consultant with own firm, Laborero Consulting

Canadian Muslim Women's Institute – matched with architectural project manager Nikhil Manikonda and the team of drafters at Mistecture Architecture and Interiors. The creation of a measured floor plan for all of CMWI's space is required for a new occupancy permit, as part of CMWI's plans for a teaching kitchen. Also matched with architect Liane Veness of WorkShop Projects, who will do the layout of new washrooms and storage space. As well, Liane will do the code review and permit submission, as part of CMWI's plans for a teaching kitchen.

Thrive (formerly Pregnancy and Family Support Services) - matched with IT experts, Michael Ibrahim and Afamefuna Obidigbo to will do a complete IT overhaul, including hardware review, email and cloud migration.

Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy

In the 2nd year of the MSES implementation project, we undertook a huge amount of work to strengthen the ecosystem for social enterprise development, trying to both quickly create value for social enterprises while also thinking about creating long-term structures and supports and a network of allies and champions in a variety of places.

Trained developers and provided intensive development support to initiatives in both Thompson and Brandon through Social Enterprise Developer Training
Contracted a Procurement Intermediary to develop new relationships with public and large corporate, leading to increased business opportunities with the City of Winnipeg, True North, and a range of smaller connections with the Province of Manitoba
Co-hosted the first Winnipeg Social Finance Forum and Social Finance workshops in partnership with SEED Winnipeg and the Social Finance Working Group.
Built the Social Enterprise Manitoba brand and network through meetings and presentations with groups like University College of the North, Red River College, Dakota-Ojibway Tribal Council, Economic Development Winnipeg, and the Indigenous Executives Council
Our team responded to
requests for social enterprise information. We hosted
workshops with a total attendance of
people. There were
successful grants applicants, with a total of
granted towards social enterprise development support.
Spark matches were directed to social enterprises with a pro-bono consulting value of about
. Through our partnership with SEED Winnipeg
social enterprises had over
hours of business consulting service.

We redeveloped the Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise workshop to a half day intensive from the previous full day format with stronger evaluation results and a shift in getting initiatives into development supports more quickly.

is gaining traction, and we're already seeing new contacts get in touch through this hub.
In May, we co-hosted the
2017 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise
with the Social Enterprise Council of Canada. Over 225 people from across Canada attended and surveys and feedback show this was a huge success.

CCEDNet has partnered with leading social enterprise development stakeholders to create the
Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project
. Watch for new details at www.s4es.ca
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