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chrismas advent calendars

for english

Faye Murdoch

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of chrismas advent calendars

MME CALENDARS by Lucy Faye and Lucy What is the purpose of Mme calenders ? What is our product? The purpose of our product is to increase the worlds
acknowledgment of advent calenders and bring a little learning to them not to mention fun !
we also like seeing smiles on everyone's faces around Christmas time. Our product is a calendar that will guarantee
more smiles at Christmas, its an advent calendar
that is shaped like and iPad hence the fact that
with everyday you have a chance to solve a riddle
and win an iPad . The person that has managed to solve the most riddles correctly will win a
chance to go on a luxurious holiday for a family
of four, and get £1000 spending money. we are currently at a point were we need money
to create our product if all four of you pitch in you will yet 15% of the profit of only three pitch in you will all get 20% , if two of you pitch in you will get
30% and if one of you decide to take us on you will
get 40 % of all our earnings . Our Pitch we have researched that this product if advertised correctly will reach the maximum sales of 200 a day from the 30 days before Christmas.
we have also researched and found
that the maximum profit of this product could be £20,000 by the end of
December. investing
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