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In Our Tenth Year- Simon Armitage

Exploration of the poem 'In Our Tenth Year' by Simon Armitage

Mrs Orford

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of In Our Tenth Year- Simon Armitage

By Simon Armitage In Our Tenth Year This poem explores Armitage’s relationship with his wife; they have now been together ten years. The discovery of a pressed harebell (a flower) prompts his reflections on how they used to doubt each other and their faithfulness in the early days, but now they are happy and secure in their relationship, trusting each other implicitly. They no longer need to keep the flower/ relationship ‘pressed’ away; they can ‘let it go’ and look to a positive future together. This book, this page, this harebell laid to rest
between these sheets, these leaves, if pressed still bleeds
a watercolour of the way we were 'If pressed still bleeds' implies that they have strong memories of the troublesome times of their relationship as is hinted at by the word 'bleeds'.
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