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Sarabellum’s Kick-Ass Kraft Korner

Sarabellum’s Kick-Ass Kraft Korner

kitty gifford

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Sarabellum’s Kick-Ass Kraft Korner

Sarabellum’s Kick-Ass Kraft Korner Today’s Project: “Beaning your Boots” Sarabellum’s Kick-Ass Kraft Korner Does your derby gear bag smell like pickled flesh?
Tired all of the tricks that don’t work…
Febreeze, UV lights, bags with fans, and pine-cone
potporri? Stinky skates still got you down? Follow this easy 8 step craft project and your skate bag will be smelling perky in no time! Supplies:
Glue gun
Glue sticks
~1 pound of whole coffee beans
Skate boots
Sand paper of rough grit or other abrasive
(skateboard grip tape also works)
Rubbing alcohol
One cotton ball
Tweezers/ forceps
"Before picture" Just a stinky old boot…causing a stink in your gear bag! Step 1. Pre-heat glue gun. Step 2: In order for the hot
glue to adhere to your boot,
remove any waxy coatings
by rubbing the boot down
with ethyl alcohol
(“rubbing” alcohol).
Step 3: To increase the ability of the glue to adhere to your boot, run the boot down with sand paper or other abrasive material to disrupt the polished surface.
Step 4: It’s time to get the beans out!
Make sure your glue gun is sufficiently
heated and ready to perform!
Then begin gluing the coffee bans onto the boot.
Be sure not to dispense more glue than you can deal with before it hardens! Be creative.

You may arrange the beans in swirling patterns or decide to go with the leather seams on the boot.... anything is possible in the Kick-Ass Kraft Korner! “Beginning to bean the boot” Step 5. Continue beaning the boot until it is covered in wonderful smelling beans. CAUTION!! Be sure to leave the eyelets and lace catches clear for your laces! Step 6. After the entire boot is covered in beans, it is time for clean-up! Every experienced glue-gunner knows those threads of glue are a pest! Use your tweezers to remove excess glue from your new, fresh smelling boots! “Use tweezers to remove
excess glue threads and globs.”
Step 7: It’s time to lace up and get your roll on!
Replace the lace and wheels onto your new boots. Step 8. Repeat the process for the second boot. Congratulations! You now have the best smelling boots in your league! Variations: Many simple variations can be made to
enhance the bean boot. Beans can be pre- painted
to offer color variation or to incorporate your team
colors. And never under-estimate what a little glitter
can do to enhance your boot. For a light “dusting”
effect use spray adhesive to affix glitter. Sarabellum’s Sketch
Glue-gunner since: 1989 (gave up puffy painting for glue gunning)
Preferred Gluegun Model: Surebonder Dual Temp Full Size 40 watt Glue Gun; Also have an AdTech Cordless model for more mobile projects.
Preferred alternative fixative: Mighty MendIt
Favorite medium: Astro Turf
Worst Burn: on my right index finger
Wishes: She had a 40 Watt Surebonder Hot Melt Glue Pot for use with chips and dipping.

Check out Sarabellum’s Kick Ass Kraft Korner next month for more Kray-zee Krafting!
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