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Bully Free - A Nations Plea

No description

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Bully Free - A Nations Plea

A Nations Plea to be Bully Free

Zero Tolerance is not always the best option when it comes to Bullying
Develop well balanced friendships
Friends need to stand together
Misbehavior or Bullying?
School's should teach "Life Skills" Courses
As a nation, it is our responsibility to work together as teachers, parents, friends, children and students in combating this ever increasing problem.
Procedure to Follow
Listen to both points of view

Discuss ways to resolve conflict

If conflict is serious, call parent
"We provide free training in dealing with bullying in the classroom. One part of the training covers the understanding what bullying behavior and is not, what it may look like in classrooms and ideas to respond to bullying behavior, equipped with specific strategies for addressing and reporting behavior." -US Dept. of Education
Parents should be a part of the prevention of bullying
1. Identify each situation as either bullying or mis-bahvior
2. Teach "Life Skills" Class at school
3. Parent Involvement
4. Develop friendships and stick together
What Parents
Can do:
By: Cheri Carr, Jenny Gomez,
Abraham Porras, Brenan Robison
and Aubree Lanning

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