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Yi Qi Xu

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Personal GPS Game

Change Is Constant
In the My Personal GPS Game the motto change is constant was always in effect. Never giving up and knowing that there will always be another route to go to when something doesn't work.
In the game I was always replaying scenarios until I succeeded in getting the key (although there were a few exceptions) I think that this shows that I can have more than one path to follow when something goes wrong and that I don't give up easily,
Focus on The Journey
I think that many times in our lives we end up too focused on the end of the road and forget about the journey. Sometimes its the success we receive during our journey that will show us our pathway.
An example of this would be my art, because of the recognition I've received from my previous art teacher I decided to go to an art school. This has given me so many new opportunities that would never have shown themselves if I only looked at the end of the road.
Learning is Continuous
In the My Personal GPS Game I took more risks than I normally would have in reality. Although the avatar did do many of the things I would have done it also was able to take more initiative than me because the avatar did not have to face the consequences of failing because you could have replayed the game as many times as you wanted to.
However I think I learned a lot from the avatar, through her I was able to see how important each and every learning skill was and how they effect us in real life.
Team up with Others
In real life and in the GPS game collaboration plays a huge role in our lives. From working with our bosses to doing a group project, teaming up with others shows how well we can accept and learn from others.
In the GPS Game collaboration encompassed so many things that are not often thought of in reality but are still needed. Like during one of the GPS game scenarios one of the people were feeling down and it was up to my avatar to bring them back together. Just like in real life you must be understanding instead of dominating and encourage but not push people into your ideals.
Follow Your Heart <3
In the GPS Game I played to my strengths first and then my weaknesses but when playing I wanted to address my weakness and turn them into my strengths. I think this is because there are weaknesses in my strengths and I wanted to make my strengths so strong that they would be able to overshine my flaws.
For me my hearts desires and my family's desire for me are similar. Although I love art and all it does for me I know that a future in art is very difficult to succeed in. My heart wants to find a career path that will allow both me and my family to be happy and I think I have done that in the IPP I created..
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