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Financial Management

The components of the financial system including markets, financial institutions, the federal reserve, and laws.

Alain Thamuk

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Financial Management

Apple and Microsoft will be the 2 companies that i will discuss with you today. Financial Management: How news lifts or sinks world stock Apple A great message for investment is never sit on your cash, never try to be fearful, try to find a great direction to go instead of being immobilized. Apple financial strategy is to squeeze as much profit as humanly possible from every sales it makes. Apple financial strategy To maximize margins, Apple has to offer products that consumers can buy nowhere else. Another strategy is to continually relaunch products
Marketing on maximizing early adoption Apple maximize its margins, a financial strategy it has pursued since Steve Jobs returned to the company. In marketing, consumers are willing to pay the highest prices and highest margins.
The Apple launch strategy involves super-hyping products in order to build the largest army of early adopters Apple with ethics By enforcing their supplier code of conduct, apple ensure that their suppliers follow the same principles and values that they hold. How an Apple audit works Apple's audit is done on site and supported by a local third-party auditors who are expert in their fields Apple being unethical Microsoft Microsoft corporation develops, licenses, and supports a wide range software products and services, by designing and selling hardware, and by delivering relevant online advertising to a global customer audience Apple collaborate with expert in areas such as human rights and the environment to conduct comprehensive, in-person audits Apple is engage in tax avoidance, by transferring intellectual property created in the United States to offshore tax havens to avoid taxes on profits from of $2.4 billion. It is also reported that Apple in china together with it supplier like foxconn are engage in unethical behavior. Microsoft stock The company recorded revenues of $69,943 million during the fiscal year ended June 2011, an increase of 11.9% over fiscal year 2010.
The operating profit of the company was $27,161 million during fiscal year 2011, an increased of 12,7% over the fiscal year 2010. Microsoft with ethics Microsoft success depends on people who innovate and are committed to growing their business responsibly.
Microsoft is dedicated to satisfying their customers, helping partners, and improving the communities in which we do business. Video on Microsoft stock Microsoft financial strategy Microsoft brings new product in a technological market where it has high competitors Microsoft started to make a big corporate citizenship push in the early 2000s following the negative fallout from its antitrust trials, and has since donated millions to non-profits, invested in programs for for economic development, and tightened up its internal reporting processes. The standard of Business Conduct are an extension of Microsoft's values and the foundation to their business tenets. They reflect their collective commitment to ethical business practices and regularly compliance, and they provide information about Microsoft Business Conduct and Compliance Program Conclusion Technological companies understand that in order for them to be competitive in the market they should always bring new product which will attract their audience, they created survey to find out about their product or services. They are making sure their corporate responsibility toward their workers, customers, and the community where they are doing their business is always up to standard. Apple products Focus on the long-term investment
Look for stocks based on what they can do in the next three to five years with two goals being capital appreciation and income. Apple financial analysis Revenue per share = 167 billion
Revenue 2003 to 2012
6,207 156,508 Billion
Current cost 2003 to 2012
4,499 87,846 Billion
Gross profit 2003 to 2012
1,708 68,02
Operating Income 2003 to 2012
-1 55,241 Net Income 2003 to 2012
69,00 41,733
Earning/share 2003 to 2012
721 935
Current assets 2003 to 2012
5,887 57,653
Current liabilities 2003 to 2012
2,592 57,854
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