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Study Skills

Attack strategies for gifted students to use when encountering frustration with new material.

Amy Bentley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Study Skills

Learning New Things How do I feel? Like screaming?
Scared? I usually know things,
why do I not understand this? How do I react? I quit
I ask for help
I use a strategy
I make poor choices
I cry

What I need to know That no one knows every answer
the very first time.
That it is okay not to know something
You are still smart even if you don't know the answer.
That everyone gets frustrated
That you learn by not knowing something and then figuring it out.
That you can use strategies when you
don't know something.
How Do I Use Strategies? Pick the right strategy for you
Try it out
Think about how it helped you Strategies Ask yourself some questions:
Do you know what to do?
How long will it take you?
What do you need?
Where could you look if you get confused? Actions
Read all the directions twice
Get prepared-pencil, paper, book
Get your book or information What if it doesn't work? Ask for help
a teacher
a friend
your mom or dad What is my 2nd step? Try it again another way
Take a break and come back
Use a picture to draw it out
Make a plan of action steps
Think of another idea connected to it
1st Step
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