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World Issues & Prefixes

Students will learn about different issues all over the world and prefixes, all in one lesson!

Tyler M

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of World Issues & Prefixes

Danger But what about, "endanger", or "endangered?" What is the difference between "danger" and "endangered" The "en" at the beginning! This gives the word a new meaning. Let's learn more about this "en", this is called a prefix. Let's learn more about prefixes! Endanger Danger En- Root Word Prefix New Word or Endangered You might be hurt or injured. to threaten with Extinction. Endangered means you are already in danger. So, now we know that prefixes come before words. They add meaning to the root words. Here are the most common prefixes, each one gives the word a different meaning. North America: Cougar
Sea Otter
Utah Prairie Dog
Black-footed ferret
Polar Bear

And a lot more.... Africa & Asia: Australia: Prefix Meaning Example anti- anti-consumerism: Being against buying products and services to become happy. against de- dis mis- in-,im-, il-,ir- re- pre- opposite deforest: To cut down trees, the opposite of growing trees. bio- wrong or bad misuse, mistreat: Dumping waste in the ocean or land is misusing or mistreating the environment. not over- inhabit, impatient, illegal, irresponsible: Bats inhabit caves. Impatient is the opposite of patient. Illegal means "not legal"; killing endangered animals is illegal. Irresponsible means to not be responsible; Polluting is irresponsible. not, opposite of disagree: People who care about the environment disagree with killing endangered animals. before, protect preserve: To keep something in it's original state, or protect it. If we preserve forests, we can keep them from being cut down. use again recycle: To use again. Recycle your plastic bags so they can be used again! life, living biology: Logy means "to study" and bio means life or living. Biology means to study living organisms. over, too much overuse: If you run out of something, you overused it.
overfish: Too much fishing in the European seas and Oceans has caused the fish population to be greatly reduced. Get out your worksheets and try to figure out the different words with prefixes! ECOESL LESSON
-Tyler Meinecke Let's learn some of these words in detail Endangered was our first word we learned. Endangered means you are already in danger, and now threatened to become extinct or die. Illegal hunting of endangered animals takes place all throughout Africa and Asia. Here are some examples of these animals and what they are illegally hunted for. Australia has one of the best nature preserves in the world, the Mungo National Park. This park preserves the natural habitat of Australia by protecting it from development and hunting We all know what this word means, right? "En" means to be put or brought into. En-dangered means to be "Put into danger". In North America, many different animals are endangered. They are put on a list called the endangered list. Let's read the endangered list together and look at some of these animals. Cougar Utah Prairie Dog Black-footed Ferret Sea Otter Wolverine Polar Bear Now let's go around the world and learn about different prefixes and World Issues! Illegal What is the prefix? Illegal means not legal, or against the law. Preserve What is the prefix? Preserve means to protect or come before. Illegal: Illegal hunting of animals is a huge issue all throughout Asia and Africa. Middle East:

There is a lot of misuse of water in
the Middle East. The misuse of water
has made it hard for people to have
clean drinking water.

85% of water in the Middle East is used
for farming, but the farming is being done
inefficiently. Misuse What is the prefix? Misuse means to not use
something correctly Tortoises are illegally hunted in Madagascar. They are now on the endangered list because they are hunted so much. Elephants and rhino's all around Africa are being hunted illegally for their horns. These horns are used for medicines, soups, jewelry, and other things. It is illegal to hunt these animals. These beautiful tigers all throughout Russia are being hunted illegally. They are being killed for their furs. Whalers around China are illegally hunting whales from Korea and Japan. This illegal activity is becoming a big issue. Porcupines are being hunted illegally in Vietnam, this has made the animal become endangered. Mungo National Preservation Park in Australia Poor farming methods in the Middle East has led to a water shortage. This misuse of water has made it impossible for some people to have clean drinking water. South America: Deforestation is one of the biggest problems in the world today. The forests in the rainforest are very important for the whole world. Deforestation is leading to an unbalanced climate all around the world. Deforestation What is the prefix? Deforestation means to cut down and destroy forests. Europe: There are good and bad issues in Europe. One of the good issues in Europe is the highest recycling rate in the world is in Switzerland. In Switzerland, 52% of the waste is recycled! One of the bad issues is the over-fishing problem. Near the waters of Greenland, over-fishing is making the cod fish disappear. Cod fish might become extinct if over-fishing continues. recycling What are the prefixes? Recycling means to use something again. over-fish Over-fish means to fish too much. Switzerland has the highest recycling rate in the world! 52% of the waste in Switzerland is recycled! Cod fish are being over-fished, which is making them endangered. Cod is one of Europe's most common foods. The deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is causing all kinds of animals, as well as tribal people to lose their habitat. Let's finish our worksheets now. Each student will pick one issue that they want to talk about. Write at least 2 sentences about this issue!
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