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Subaru Powerpoint

BAS 160 PowerPoint

Taylar Fambrough

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Subaru Powerpoint

Impreza WRX STi
The End. (:
The Beginning
2015 BRZ - Sports Car
2015 STI - Sports Sedan
2015 Outback
Competitive Advantage
Sporty Vehicle
Most of Subaru come with
AWD (All Wheel Drive)
With AWD, the car gains
more stability
Mid-size car
Sharing the Love Is a Market Strategy
Subaru - B2C
Subaruers are
"customers who are not
buying things, but experiences,"
says Chief Marketing Officer
Tim Mahoney.
The Bottom Line :By maintaining the quirky personality of its brand and keeping prices low, Subaru has quietly, but aggressively, increased growth.
Price ranges from $17,495 - $30,495
depending on what vehicle you buy

Varies with what the model of the car
is, what motor it has as well as the
options and manufacturing parts
First, Japan tests vehicles for any defects.
After they test the vehicle they load the vehicles onto a ship and export them to different countries.
Japan signs agreements for warranties
and tariffs.
Thank you.
Are there any questions?

Unique Facts
First manufacturer to develop a
common-rail turbodiesel boxer engine.
Nearly all models offer AWD
Subaru has a marketing website
- design car/request quote
- interact to move customer closer
to purchase
Subaru's Philosophy
- eco friendly
- support community by volunteering
- equal opportunities for all employees
- health & safety
- ethics and integrity during transactions
SWOT Analysis




- AWD system
- Boxer engines
- Dealer network
- Customer support
_ Safety/tech savvy
- People not able to
recognize the benefits
of standard features
- Increase target
market size
- Increase marketing
- Add a hybrid to U.S.
- Many competing brands w/ similar features
- Cost of competitors cars (cheaper)
Price of the WRX:
2002-to present day

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Love : It's what makes a Subaru,
a Subaru
Subaruers are those who own a Subaru and are loyal to the company
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