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Veggie Tales

No description

Ryan Osborn

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Veggie Tales

Step 1: Describe the Situation Step 2: Explore Alternative Explanations Step 3: Consider Christian teachings & perspectives Step 4: Inform or Integrate Our
Thinking Step 5: Develop New Guidelines Step 6: Evaluate the Outcome Should we use to teach our children about the Bible? Positives Effects Media Has on Children •Improving critical thinking, motor skills, problem-solving
•Educational programs promote higher test scores
•Teach values like sharing, friendship and kindness, respect Negative Effects Media Has on Children •Influence on violence, aggression, sexual activity, drugs
•Spend less time reading or playing outside
•Brain development Statistics •Children 6 and under spend nearly two hours with screen media, mainly TV and videos
•1/3 of children live in homes where the TV is left on “most of the time” even when viewers aren’t present. ---These children read less and are slow to read.
•Parents see media as an important (easy) educational tool, for children’s intellectual development
•Parents understand that TV has a direct effect on the children’s behavior; however, they are likely to see the positive more than the negative behaviors. Veggie Tales has changed a lot over the past 10 years
It now focuses more on Morality, instead of Christianity.
Ease of reading > accuracy
NBC's new ownership = No more God
Should Veggie Tales be a tool used in youth ministry in church on Sundays? Our Blind Spots We are the Veggie Tales generation!
While it was fun and silly, there might be better ways to educate children about the Bible. Good Works Reader, Thomas Oden •Veggie Tales is a recent development in the history of the church.
•children need care because they are “dependent and defenseless” and the “least of these” (Oden 249)
•it is our responsibility to teach them about God in the correct way (Oden 250)
•Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Prov. 22:6)
•“But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” (Luke 18:16-17) Good Works Reader, cont. •we can also learn from children: humility, simplicity, sin less (Oden 252)
•“the child radiates simple faith, innocence of evil, and trust of others” (Oden 255)
•“the Gospel . . . is the story of faith becoming active in love” (Oden 3)
-in Veggie Tales, the Bible stories are simplified so the kids can understand them in a fun way
-Bible verses at the end go along with the lesson it is teaching
-biblical message still remains (in the older episodes) even if there are minor plot changes So back to our original question...should we use Veggie Tales as the way to teach our children about the Bible? Yes, in moderation! Veggie Tales is great and fun!
However, nothing will ever be as beneficial as a real-life, HUMAN BEING teaching children about the Bible.
Veggie Tales should be used as a supplement, NOT as primary instruction Evaluating churches who do and do not use Veggie Tales.
Check back with them in a few years to see which is more beneficial. What does this mean for APU students? As APU students, in our own ministries with children, we should be really focusing on giving them all our energy.
Never settle for media or other forms of instruction when working with children. Children's Ministry in October • In an all-age setting, this would be an ideal way of bringing the whole church family together to spend time sharing stories, praising God and praying together.

• It may be helpful, particularly if you are working with children or young people only, to point out the words used to describe people by writing each on a piece of brightly coloured A4 card, eg caring, kind, helpful, loving, compassionate, gracious, peacemaker. Spend time thinking of all the qualities that these people brought to the lives of so many.

• Encourage the children to offer suggestions as to what makes someone a king, and describe the kind of things a king might do? Use pictures of kings and kingdoms to help. If possible, use a DVD clip from Shrek or Mulan – the sound effects and visuals will enhance the imagery bring the idea of ‘reigning’ over people and places alive.

• Bring your time to a close by focusing on worshipping Christ as King over all things and for always, using song and actions, let the children make and decorate crowns with ‘Christ is King’ on them, or help the children create a collage that depicts Christ as King.

• Give thanks to God in song and prayer for these good people, our great heritage and Gods unending goodness.

• Use many art projects to interact with the Bible and Holidays such as Christmas. Let the Children Lead • Being present to children is a central responsibility of followers of Christ.

• The faith of children is essential in the faith of the whole church.

• Leading children into the arms of the Lord, it is the children who have invited me to join them there.

• Jesus summons us to help children find their way out from under a bushel and discover what it is that makes their light shine.

• Youth Minister taking their time to teach the children right from wrong and how to love God. Children's Ministry For February • The children could be involved in telling the story, either in their own words, or with sound effects, or with a prayer or other a short litany of words.
• Making of Lent
• Telling Stories
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