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Obesity Rates Rising?

A presentation of what is happening to Obesity rates and how it is affecting children.

Natavershan Rufotor

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Obesity Rates Rising?

Obesity rates have been rising rapidly since the 1970's. This is important because obesity can lead to many different diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure various types of cancer and many more diseases. This affects everyone because it can happen to anyone without proper diet and exercise. Junk food is tastier to most people so many food stores who want to make money sell and advertise unhealthy food choices for children and adults. This causes a higher chance of obesity. Recently, many fast food restaurants sell toys with their meals for kids. This makes the food more appealing to kids so they want to buy them. Most of the food along with these toys are unhealthy and include food such as french fries cooked in oil and covered in salt. This is a problem because when children are obese, they have a higher risk of being obese adults. This problem can be solved by giving child and adults healthier food choices. Obesity rates, in children, have been rising rapidly over the years. This issue is important because it affects a lot of young children and adults. Obesity can lead to many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Another reason why Obesity is an important issue is Obesity can be caused without us knowing. For example, we need to eat to survive and many people likes to eat junk food. The more we eat the higher risk Obesity will become. Some people do not want to see change in the rate of Obesity. In an article titled Culture Matters in the Obesity Debate, the author sates "It is a mistake to think obesity is a problem only in certain social or racial groups. It is rampant in all races, and both genders, and across all ages". The author is comparing Obesity to a race and since people are focusing that Obesity is bad he thinks Obesity is like someone grouping another by their race. This statistic does not make sense because Obesity is a disease and shows nothing about grouping people in groups. In conclusion, by avoiding unhealthy food and watching your health, the problem will be solved. Obesity Obesity Rates in 2009 Colorado and Washington D.C are the only 2 states that have less than 20%.

The most percentage was in Oregon, with 34.4%.

Children become obese mainly because of the lack of activity, genetic factors, and unhealthy eating patterns. Eating too much junk food and caffeinated drinks leads to a higher risk of Obesity. Food stops make it harder for children to eat healthy. They promote food choices that have way to much sodium Food Stops? What happens to Children? Unhealthy food makes you less active. Problem Statment:
Obesity rates have been rising rapidly since the 1970’s in both children and adults. Obesity is a problem in children because it can lead to many diseases in adulthood such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and other chronic conditions. If obesity rates are lower there is a less likely chance of these diseases. If this problem isn’t solved, more and more people will become obese leading to more and more people having a risk of all these diseases. Rates are rising all over America and all over the world. In order to be fixed we need healthier food options in schools and other public places. Its important that obesity rates stop rising because a lot of people are already obese and without there being healthy choices for food then obesity rates will keep rising. Some foods that are tempting..
(like doughnuts,and cheeseburgers) Obesity levels are rising rapidly in America. This cause can lead to tremendous amounts of problem. One piece of evidence is that Obesity can lead to a variety of bad diseases such as heart disease, Diabetes and high blood pressure. This problem affects people because once this happens one, they can’t do most things that they used to love to do, like out door activities and sports. This shows how Obesity is an important cause that needs to be stopped.
Another reason why this is an important issue is because it not only affects Adults it is affecting childrens health as well. One piece of evidence of this is that children are now starting to get the same diseases that adults get in obesity. So that means young children now suffer with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. This affects Children now because getting a disease like this can also get in the way of a child’s development. Also obesity affects people by not eating the things someone might have loved to eat. Like eating sweets can affect one, if they got a certain type of diabetes.
Many people do want to see change, the only people that don’t want to see change is fast food companies. An example of this is in an article called Fast food industry is quietly defeating happy meal bans. In this article it says “Restaurants successfully fighting back against happy meal bans which forbid restaurants like McDonald’s to hand out toys with childrens meals that are high in calories.” This is evidence on how these people are wrong and don’t want to see change. They are wrong because they are trying to fight back a ban from high calorie foods being sold to children, they don’t care if a child becomes overweight or gets sick they just want everyone’s money.
Many things will improve if this problem is solved. One thing that will improve if this problem is solved is having healthier bodies and less diseases occurring through this problem. -Aproximantly 19% of children (ages 6 to 11) and 17% of adolescents
(ages 12-19) were overweight in 2000. (www.overweightteen.com) This shows that many children and adults were obese in 2000. Statistics and Data: Between 16 and 33% of children and adults are obese.
(www.stop-childhood-obesity.com) For adults and children this percentage is high and shows that Obesity is a big problem. Massachusetts has the second lowest rate of adult obesity. 21.2% and 30th highest of overweight youths. (www.healthy/americans.org. This shoes that MA does not have a big affect on the rising rates of Obesity. Contacts and Allies:
-The Obesity Society: 8757 Gerogia Avenue Suite 1320 Silverspring MD 20910
-The American Heart Association (7272 Greenville Ave Dallas Texas,7523
-Harvard Pilgram Healthcare Institute: ( 133 Brookline Ave #6 Bostan Ma, 02215-3904) "Restrict The Temptation" Detractors:
Mcdonalds is one of the detractors for Obesity. One way it stands in the way of solving Obesity is it promotes new items of foods every month or so. This makes people want to buy their items more. Consuming a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis can resolve obesity. To accomplish this, children need to stay active and be aware of the foods they consume. Next year Obesity rates will slowly become less high then they did before. To get sponsors from organizations to help inform and change the problems of Obesity, we can expand the success of our Choosing to Participate Project. Ideal Solution: Web linkMozes (American Heart Journal), Alan. Bloomberg Businessweek. Universty of
Michigan Cardiovascular Center, 31 Jan. 2011. Web. 9 May 2011.


The Obesity Society
8757 Georgia Avenue, Suite 1320, Silver Spring, MD 20910 | Phone (301) 563-6526 | Fax (301) 563-6595

The American Heart Association

Centers for Disease Control Prevation

Worldwide Obesity Trends:

www.kidsdata.org Sources: Bumps in the Road:
- Laziness
-diseases caused by Obesity
-unhealthy food Resolutions: -going to the gym
-weight loss program
-less fast food May 20 2011

133 Brookline Ave

Boston MA 02208

To whom it may concern:

My name is Shannon Foley. I am an 8th grade student at Watertown middle school. I am doing a Choose to participate school project on obesity in children. I was hoping to make our school lunches healthier and to cut down obesity rates. I hope to be able to add a more healthy variety to my school. Also to prevent all the diseases caused by obesity.

I think you could be helpful because you have an obesity prevention program. Also, I think we have similar goals in the prevention of diseases caused by obesity. Another reason I think you can help is because obesity rates have been rising. One more reason I think you can help is to help me know how to teach people ways of preventing obesity.

I appreciate you for possibly assisting me with my project. I hope you consider helping me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Shannon Foley Mcdonalds
fried foods
sick to stomach products Burger King
-process meats
-contains many sugars KFC
-fried products SubWay;
-slogan "eat fresh".
- Food is prepackaged and not fresh Here is a graph showing the Obesity Rates in the United States from1990-2007: May 20, 2011

The Obesity Society

8757 Georgia Avenue, Suite 1320

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dear to whom it may concern,

My name is Natalee and I am a student at Watertown Middle School. I am doing a Choosing to Participate project on Obesity and how it affects young children. This cause is very important to me because many students can be diagnosed with Diabetes from this and I want to help inform people. I am contacting you to help me inform young children and adults about this issue.

Choosing to Participate is project about informing people about a cause. For example, the cause of Obesity informs many people about what not to eat too much of. This will provide healthy eating habits to many. The organization you work with provides a lot of information on Obesity and this helps my cause very much.

To be helpful I wish for you to send me something that can help me inform many people, including my fellow students, about obesity. I don’t specifically know what but something. This will help me completely when presenting my problem to my fellow teachers and students.

Thank you, The Obesity Society, for your corporation and helping me inform students, adults, and young children about this problem. And I wish to learn more about your Organization. I hope for you to write back soon. Thank you again.


Natalee Russo Persuasive Letters:
By: Natalee Persuasive Paragraphs:
By: Natalee Healthy foods that are good for you(like fruites and veggies): A 1999 United Nations (UN) survey found obesity growing in all developing regions, even in countries beset by hunger. In China, the number of overweight people rose from less than 10 percent to 15 percent in just three years. This shows that Obesity is gowing more and more. 1 out of 3 kids age 2-4 was
overweight or obese in '09.
This shows that even younger kids under the age of 5 are becoming obese. Being less active leads to more obesity Rates The End!!! Veronica Watertown Middle School
C/O Veronica Torres
68 Waverley Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472

May 20, 2011

American Heart Association
7272 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75231

To whom it may concern:

My name is Veronica and I am an 8th grade student at Watertown Middle School. I am doing a Choosing to Participate project about increasing rates in children’s obesity. My goal is to inform people about how bad the obesity levels have been rising rapidly over the past few years. My expectations are that people will notice about how many bad things obesity can lead to so this cause may be stopped.

I think you could be helpful to me since we both have similar ideas on informing people about this cause. Another way you could help me is to tell people how obesity can lead to numerous amounts of tragic diseases. Also you could help me with telling people what to do to choose healthy, nutritious foods that their body can benefit from. Instead of becoming obese and suffer with a disease.

Thank you for possibly helping me inform people about the cause of obesity. I hope you consider helping me. I look forward to your thoughts and ideas about this cause. Also you can help me with providing information about obesity to people.


Veronica Torres and Shannon Shannon Natalee Veronica Shannon and Veronica This shows how the rates have been rising over the years. Project we made to help inform children and adults by using short stories.
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