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Immanuel Kant

Miranda DeBus

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Suicide

Immanuel Kant SUICIDE What about Suicide and our body? Do we Have a right to dispose of our own life? Autonomy ability to make ones own rational decisions. Cato Lucretia and Tarquin Is there honor in suicide? Difference Between Humans and Beasts? Is there a distinction between one who has lost their life to suicide or lost life to fate? Suicide= Violations of duties to oneself The duty to preserve oneself What are the Duties to Oneself? Defenders of suicide What limits human freedom? Humans should only dispose over things A person must live honorably in spite of life's challenges. We are each born with specific purposes and life paths. Suicide often occurs among those who have taken too much trouble over the happiness of life. God has forbidden it, because it is abhorrent Suicide or Sacrifice?
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