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Animal Report

No description

melissa monteith

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Animal Report

Honeybees Homes Bees live in hives. Nests can house up to 60,000 bees. They have wax combs where they put honey and lay the eggs. Diet In spring before any flowers come out the eat suger water. They also eat honey and nector. Enemys Mites Skunks eat the bees. Bears Pictures Interesting Facts Drones take care of the babies. The drone dies after it mates with the queen. Workers feed drones. Tounges are long tubes used for suking up nector Honey is made of bee spit. By Melissa Monteith Dad Creepy Crawly World Bee, Ting,Morris, Smart Apple Media,pages 6,7,23,
Bibliography www.solutions-sites.org www.biloxischoos.net www.click4biology.info
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