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Smart Homes Project Presentation

No description

Independent Procurements

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Smart Homes Project Presentation

and relevant information required to proceed. Failure to gain a full insight into the requirements and processes of this enquiry will likely result in wasting the valuable time of all involved, so please do make the effort to read and absorb all the information herein.
Independent Procurements
Independent Procurements will exclusively represent an enquiry on behalf of a New Home Build and Sales organisation operating within the United Kingdom, with an interest in establishing a range of luxurious and technologically advanced 'Smart Homes' of distinction and prestige. Our client intends to initially establish 6,000 of these 'Smart Homes', within specially chosen areas throughout the United Kingdom, for which they intend to order a large and diverse selection of products, from some of the best and most respected suppliers within the United Kingdom, and from around the World.
Independent Procurements has continued to grow from strength to strength, thanks to strong and valued associations with our clients, and an ever growing network of suppliers from around the world. We have provided a service that many of our satisfied clients and suppliers have regarded as refreshing and forward thinking, and we are happy to have forged strong and lasting business relationships around the world. We look forward to an even more successful 2013, which will see Independent Procurements focus exclusively on a massive Smart Homes project throughout the United Kingdom.

Independent Procurements will free up the time taken in searching for our clients' required products and services, allowing those clients to focus their valuable time elsewhere in their business. We negotiate the initial product and shipping costs, then perform the role of confidential liaison, relaying information between the client and the various potential suppliers of the required product or service. In short, if the client would like to find the products or services their company requires, whilst maintaining complete anonymity, including remaining anonymous with the potential suppliers of their required products or services, then Independent Procurements should be considered, and always remember that with us, no task is too big or too small.
In short, if the client would like to find the products or services their company requires, whilst maintaining complete anonymity, including remaining anonymous with the potential suppliers of their required products or services, then Independent Procurements should be considered, and always remember that with us, no task is too big or too small.
If our client is unhappy with our service, and can justify a genuine reason, we will return their fee without any quibble. We are now in 2013 and this has still never happened, nor has the offer ever been discussed, as we have maintained our continued 100% client satisfaction rate. We also guarantee that all suppliers are treated fairly and regarded equally. We never allow any preferential treatment of a supplier, and it is our business model and policy never to gain commission or reward from any supplier for matching their products or services to a client's needs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our primary goal is to help the client reach a successful conclusion
Full Dedication
We remain fully dedicated to the needs of the clients, and pride ourselves upon our established reputation of strict and unhindering confidentiality. The largest majority of clients prefer to remain completely anonymous in their commercial dealings, which is why they turn to us to maintain the strict anonymity our service provides. This has served many clients well in feeling secure as they procure the products and services they require without divulging any important or commercially sensitive information about their business intentions, allowing them to stealthily keep ahead of their competitors as they diversify into new areas of business.
Requirements for the Project
Many suppliers have already been aware of, and indeed some have already provided information and evaluation product for, the initial phase of this enquiry. The client has now scheduled the entire project into 2013, and we will invite all previous suppliers to provide the latest products and quotations, along with newly invited technology suppliers. All suppliers, old and new, must be aware of, and agree to, the following details specific to this enquiry if they intend to pursue inclusion...

The identity of the client will remain confidential and undisclosed to all potential suppliers. Only the final chosen supplier of a particular product or service of interest shall learn the identity of the client upon formal introduction, at which time Independent Procurements will leave the process and all subsequent business is conducted directly between the client and chosen supplier.

Technology products will be researched from around the World, with no regional exclusions, however all products must be fully operational within the United Kingdom, and meet all UK legal requirements. Payment for the entire order will be made in full at the time of order. Independent Procurements will never divulge the identity of the client under any circumstance.
Product Evaluation and Testing Process
The client will require to evaluate and test all products, for which they will secure the services of new testing facilities and technicians, all of which will be held under the strictest of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
Any and all additional costs of supplying evaluation and test products, over and above the stated 2% minimum to 10% maximum product purchase cost must fall to the supplier or manufacturer. This must include the remaining product cost, shipping and any taxes or customs fees. Any product provided by any potential supplier at zero cost can be accepted, however this will not influence the client in any way in their decision.
Products supplied for this compulsory test and evaluation process will undergo resilience testing to destruction, and must therefore be provided with the full understanding and acceptance of this, at a purchase price of no greater than 10% of the quoted product cost at quantity (and no less than 2% of same), and that no entity is under any obligation as a result of evaluation and test product provision. The decision on which amount is payable, between 2% and 10% of the quoted product cost, shall be determined exclusively by the potential supplier.
The costs of testing and evaluation is exclusively and fully covered by the client, with the resulting data held in strict confidential ownership by the client, and will not be released to any other party. The costs of responsible disposal of destructed evaluation and test products shall be met exclusively and fully by the client.
Independent Procurements will be the initial contact and ongoing liaison for the client throughout the entire process. All evaluation and test products will be provided via Independent Procurements.

In many cases, two identical items would be required to allow a thorough return of testing data, and suppliers of test and evaluation products must agree to accommodate this under the aforementioned terms.
Independent Procurements will NOT enter into any contract or establish an account with any potential supplier, manufacturer or appointed distributor for provision of evaluation and test products.
The client would like the home owner, family members and authorised people to have access and control of all appliances, lighting, environment, security/access, curtains & blinds and entertainment, with scene/macro programming where applicable. The client would like access to the Smart Home via a combination of dedicated wall-mounted and free-standing touch panels/screens, computer, internet, mobile phone remote control and television.​
The client would like the security system to wirelessly monitor all internal and external areas, with system ability to send warnings via internet and mobile phone, to allow monitoring and camera movement control via mobile and internet technology, possibly with two way audio capability. Secure access control should include the ability to view and speak with visitors at the main gate and main door, with the option to remotely unlock, open and close the gate and door. In addition to security monitoring, the client would like integration of sensors for fire/smoke, carbon monoxide and flood if possible. ​​The client would like Home Entertainment and Home Computing with networked connectivity where applicable, to be controlled from a central source.​​
The following is a selection of the product types being sought by our client for their
UK Smart Homes Project
. Additional product types, including non-technological, will be required to complete the project requirements.
The client intends to incorporate a fully integrated and networked computing environment, allowing not only access and control of Home Automation, Security & Monitoring, etc, but will also allow Home Computing and Gaming functions, as well as access centrally stored and networked Movies, Music, Photos, and more.
Lighting (and Power Sockets), Curtains & Blinds to be controlled via touch panels/screens, remote control, computer, mobile phone and internet where possible, with scene/macro programming capability where applicable. All interior lights to include on/off and dimmer options. Lighting should be operated in the evening via motion detection, allowing lights to go on and off when someone simply enters and exits a room. Curtains & Blinds should have the option to open and close automatically depending upon lighting conditions, and/or timed programming.
Frequently Asked Questions and Relevant Responses
There follows a selection of Frequently Asked Questions and our Relevant Responses.
Q1 of 12: What protection is there for clients and suppliers?
Our clients and suppliers have use of an externally hosted, secure login facility, and we shall continue to provide this highly-encrypted secured login to our dedicated client area. Access to the secure login facility is not provided via this site, in the interests of maintaining the toughest levels of security and confidentiality for our clients and their chosen suppliers, however authorised clients and their suppliers can gain access to the secure area using an individually dedicated link provided exclusively to them.
Q2 of 12: Do you operate from public offices?
No. Due to the nature of our procurement process, almost all contact with clients and suppliers is made via the telephone, email and internet. By operating from a home/office environment, we keep operating costs to a minimum. This is reflected in our very competitive contract fees. We are also able to work at any time of the day or night if required. The address is not publicly advertised for security reasons, as sometimes a lot of suppliers' products are stored there.
Q3 of 12: Do you charge a commission to the supplier?
No. Independent Procurements never charge a commission, or any form of fee to any supplier, for any reason, which eliminates any question of impartiality, and guarantees all suppliers are considered with full equality. No one supplier is able to negotiate a favourable position above any other supplier by way of any form of remuneration.
Q4 of 12: Do you add a commission to quoted prices?
No. The price the supplier quotes to Independent Procurements is the price presented to the client. There is never any additional commission added to quoted financial information. Independent Procurements generates income from a negotiated fee with each client, based upon the levels and complexities of each individual enquiry.
Q5 of 12: Why can I not know the identity of the client?
In keeping with strict policies of confidentiality and data protection, I am unable to divulge the identity of a client under any circumstances. Only the final chosen product or service supplier, or suppliers, of a procurement enquiry will be introduced formally, at the client's convenience and arrangements.
Q6 of 12: Can I receive a copy of product test results?
Usually this is a confidential exchange of data strictly between the client and the test facility, however the client may be willing to divulge this data to a supplier if requested. This is purely at the discretion of the client as they have invested in the independent testing. Independent Procurements are not provided with any test result data.
Q9 of 12: What are your working hours?
As Independent Procurements operates from a home/office environment, this allows us to effectively be 'on-call' at almost any hour, which allows communication with suppliers in countries with differing time-zones, including throughout the night if important telephone contacts are pre-arranged.
Q10 of 12: Why don't you display details of your clients?
Although many companies like to boast about, and display details of their client list, Independent Procurements remains dedicated to complete confidentiality, therefore we cannot and will never release details of our clients.
Q11 of 12: Can we meet in person to discuss the project?
As a matter of policy we are no longer able to conduct meetings or negotiations in person with any product supplier, as this has in the past led to accusations of breaching our core policies of impartiality and fairness. In addition, as we do not have any direct influence on decisions made by the client, direct and personal contact with product suppliers would be fruitless, and would be a waste of time for the supplier and Independent Procurements.
Q12 of 12: Why does Google Maps show an old House at your address?
As had been addressed in 'Q2 and Q9', most of the work undertaken by Independent Procurements is readily achieved within a Home/Office environment, therefore this is a residential property. Working in this environment keeps operating costs to an absolute minimum, allowing us to undertake the work required, without the need to pass these operating costs to clients or suppliers, which many do appreciate.

In addition, the Google Maps image is from a period prior to extensive on-going renovation and upgrading of the property, including greatly heightened Security. Furthermore, this older property image does not represent the professionalism and working ethics of Independent Procurements and those involved in working with you.
Before you go, feel free to relax with the
music and visuals of our presentation video
or click the link to view the 'Simple 5 Step Process'
Welcome to the 2013 UK Smart Homes Project presentation which
all potential suppliers must review carefully, as it contains important

Move your mouse over the space above to reveal the simple video controls
Q7 of 12: Can you provide Company Registration details?
We are highly restricted in the information we can provide, which would include any Company Registration details at this time, with only the final chosen suppliers being provided full details. In addition, providing any specific Company Registration details at this time may lead to divulging the identity of the client, which would be a direct breach of the commercial contracts and confidentiality agreements set in place with our client.
Q8 of 12: Can you provide references, or details of previous clients or suppliers?
Due to the very strict policies and agreements of confidentiality we must adhere to, we are unable to divulge or share information relating to other entities with whom we have worked, as either clients or suppliers. These extremely high levels of confidentiality are the basis of our great commercial strength, from which we are unable and unwilling to deviate, for any reason.
Thank you for taking valuable time from your undoubtedly busy schedule to absorb the information depicted on this presentation. Contact the representative responsible for directing you here to proceed with relevant supply negotiations.
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