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Copy of The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Overview of the classroom centres at Doctor David Suzuki

joanne pizzuto

on 25 November 2010

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Transcript of Copy of The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our kindergarten classroom where children explore and learn through play. We have designed our classroom so that children have the opportunity to learn from individual exploration and learn how to be independent. Our learning centres provide the opportunities for children to cooperate and problem solve. Our children are engaged in hands-on activities that allow them to explore things that are real to them. Our classroom meets the different needs, abilities and interests of each child. Here is an overview of what the kindergarten classroom looks like at Doctor David Suzuki. Art Studio- The art studio has children creating amazing pieces of art everyday. Whether they are painting or using the materials to create a masterpiece the children are designing and putting together their creation. Every day children have the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity. The Discovery Zone- An amazing area in our classroom where children investigate and explore their world. The children have the opportunity each day to discover something new. It is an area in our room that also has something new or interesting for the children to discuss. Math Hub- Math happens everyday and everywhere in the kindergarten classroom. All the math manipulatives are available for the children to experiment and manipulate. Build It Zone- We have so many different materials for the children to build with. The opportunities to create and share are endless. The children have the opportunity to design their creations. They are learning about proportional reasoning and spatial perspectives as they build towers, towns, and other designs. Suzuki Cafe- Independent snack time which is open throughout the day. The children learn how to compost and recycle. They decide during the day when they are going to visit the cafe and have snack. Dramatic Play- This centre changes every month and the children decide what the centre will be and are involved in all aspects of the construction before it opens. Writing Area- Children have opportunities to write in every centre. Purposeful writing is an important part of our kindergarten program. They have the opportunity to sign up for sharing. They make signs or make a letter and mail it to a friend. Writing happens everywhere and everyday. Water & Sand Table- The everchanging sand and water table. So many opportunities for children to learn when they are measuring or exploring animal habitats. Also something new for the children to engage with. Suzuki Music Hall-There are opportunities for children to sing and dance in our classroom. We have musical instruments so that they may work together and create a band. Suzuki Cafe- An independent snack time where children learn how to recycle and compost. Dramatic Play Area- The centre that changes every month and the children decide what the new centre will be. The children are involved in all aspects of the construction before the centre opens. House Centre/Suzuki Market- The children love to play in the house centre. They will role play and extend their roles into other areas of the classroom.
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