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honduras, la ceiba

spanish 2

alexis scales

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of honduras, la ceiba

La Historia The HISTORY of the Grand International Carnival of La Ceiba (also known as Gran Carnival de La Amistad) started from rather humble beginnings. A Municipal Decree of March 15, 1929 officially established the holding of "la Feria Isidra" (the Fair of Isidro), and at the same time, established "San Isidro Labrador" (Saint Isidro the Laborer) as the patron saint of La Ceiba. The day of la Feria Isidra was a day of celebration for all the working men and women in the town. What began as a small fair has grown into a large event spanning an entire week, gaining world-wide recognition. The celebration in La Ceiba has been held every year since its inception, culminating in a large parade held on either the third or fourth Saturday in May. The La Ceiba Carnival is now the largest carnival held in Central America and is celebrated by hundred of thousands of partiers each year La Ceiba:) La Ceiba, Honduras is a friendly city, with that "small town" feel. It is surrounded by lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and intriguing beaches.
La Ceiba Facts
■La Ceiba has been declared by the Honduran Goverment to be "The Capital of Ecotourism"

■La Ceiba is the third largest city in Honduras.

■The second most important port in the country is in La Ceiba.

■La Ceiba has the highest literacy rate in Honduras.

■There is a large bilingual population in La Ceiba.

Carnival 0__o Carnival culminates with a big carnival called "Gran Carnaval de la Amistad", when "San Isidiro" street turns into a huge dance, with local musical bands and colorful floats Traditions?? During the week of "Carnaval", different neighborhoods in La Ceiba organize celebrations that last all night. They host live music, there are a few carnival-type games, and plenty of food and drink, which all adds to the festive atmosphere. natives... LOL!! liked my prezi??? no?? ohhhh.,,, ok -__- guess what tho! ion' be CARIN' PREZI BY....... ALEXIS MONAE' SCALES :))
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