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Pupil Asset - The advantages

No description

Charlene Morgan

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Pupil Asset - The advantages

THE ADVANTAGES Pupil Asset Tracking Progress
and Target Setting Pupil Asset is fully customisable and full support is included in the annual subscription.

Pupils can be filtered by any variable. We would be able to generate reports for a specific teacher to show only the children they teach (even if they have different children for different subjects).

Reports can be generated at the click of a button (this procedure takes hours of cutting, pasting and checking before a graph is able to be produced using our current system). Tailored to Our Needs Contextual data doesn't need to be entered manually; it can be imported directly from SIMs.

There is no need to set up a new tracker year on year. New year groups can be set up using the 'End of Year Wizard'.

All data from our current system would be transferred and set up on the new Pupil Asset tracker for free (normally costing £150). Administration Each pupil has their own profile space where additional notes and information could be added, for example, information about SEN interventions, EAL support, Gifted and Talented provision. Even IEPs can be uploaded and tagged to a pupil's profile.

There is also an APP evidence section which could be used by teachers to upload and store their APP evidence. Pupil Information The chance of human error when inputting data is greatly reduced, as no cutting and pasting is required: levels are selected from a drop down box.

Teachers could be given limited time access, restricted to their own class area of the tracker, so they could enter their own assessment data without the ability to accidentally alter other areas of the tracker. This would save time in tasks that are currently being duplicated. Assessment Data Free Upgrades- The software is constantly being developed, with the support of teachers who understand the needs of schools.

Support included in the subscription price.

£150 fee for data transfer will be waived.

£700 annual subscription.

£225 staff training package (optional). The Package This tracking system shows a clear progression between the EYFS profile and year 1 (including the P scales.)

Data from both the new and old EYFS profile are fully supported on Pupil Asset.

Target setting can be done at the click of a button. You just tell the tracker how much progress you want children to make and it will apply this rule to the selected pupils (Targets can also be altered individually)
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