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No description

Kyle Schultz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of GAME PROTOTYPE

For the Playstation 3 Game System: by Kyle Schultz The Nameless The Main Character.
The game takes place
inside of his head.
He is a coma patient
without an identity, but
is able to recognize images
from his past. Hopefully,
these items will help him
remember. The Villain This Son of a Bitch
is the manifestation of
The Nameless' unconscious
desire to never wake up,
and control a dream realm
forever, or at least until
death creates an everlasting
sleep... THE CONTROLLER!!! Ready to touch it yet? The Start of Battle Mode These are the Health Bars Damage Taken is Shown Here This is a basic combo The Player is holding L1.
This allows the player to
change not only what weapon
they want to use, but the
fighting style also. Ta Da! They changed into the
Broad Sword class! This changes
weapon, fighting style, and outfit. Broad Sword A closer look
at the Broad
Sword Style Note the change in
clothing as well as
hair. This will keep
a new appearance
througout the game
to keep the player
interested. However, randomly and not very often during class changes, The Nameless will transform into the Archaic. This happens because the power that he actually holds within his own mind becomes too much, and begins to consume him. In order to be freed from this state, one must bear through it. Shoots lightning at enemies in a furious hell-storm. The Archaic Health Bar Mini Map Player Enemies A Dandy Tree By pressing the
button whil in
Map Mode,
the Player enters
the Status
Menu, where they
can see their current
status and use items
to help heal (Item
option not shown). Status Menu Map Mode Battle Mode 1. 2. 3. 4. Music:
The music to accompany
Endless Night would be a repeated
loop of punk rock intermingled with a
slight techno melody, to give the game
a feeling of energy and movement and give
a soundtrack to inspire action within the game. End :)
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