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Bart Milner

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Bart Milner
This world may be well-educated but how long will it last after thousands of years of batterings from us humans will it last for ten more generations or will we all die in a barrage of sun flares. or perhaps we will learn to change our ways and set things right for this young planet known as earth.
Our people might think that they are prepared with daily skills on surviving and woodcraft but they don't think about the dis purity of the air they could die in a matter of minutes. "Survival of the fittest" they say but this is not always true you might never expect it but your stupid neighbor might be prepped with a gas mask and shotgun for the fight of the last supplies in the area
What is required for us to save our world? perhaps a gun? my answer is no the best we can do is stop killing thousands of animals and not pollute the air with poisonous gasses. This may sound silly but our world will eventually come to and end but do you want to bring it quicker or lengthen our time
How long will our world last?
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