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Mobile digital communication

No description

Olivia Ewing

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Mobile digital communication

Mobile digital communication
WIFI-wireless fidelity
wireless tecnology
users pay for 3g services through their network plan
short range wireless technology

Deviced connecting to a wifi network must have a wireless adapter to enable them to communicate with wireless router
Network can be set up without wires
prices for wifi are decreasing
wifi devices are widely available
users can log in any location using a wide range of devices
signal strength can vary
can be affected by weather
interference from other wifi sources may distort data signals

video calling is possible
map and positioning services are available
can be used where normal broadband is not available
Data transfer canbe expensive
incresaed power consumption means that mobiles batterery capcity must be higher
performance is affected by network coverage and strngth of signal
can penetrate solid objects
does not need line of sight
ow cost
less power used
lower level security
data transmision rate is lower than other wireless technology ]
short range
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