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The Future Jobs of America

No description

Stacie Strader

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of The Future Jobs of America

Most Demanded Jobs in the US in 2020
Top 5 Projected Jobs of 2020:
Personal care aides ($19,640)
Biomedical Engineers ($81,540)
Carpenters/Construction Workers ($25,760)
Veterinarians ($29,710)
Physical Therapists ($47,028)
Least Demanded Jobs in 2020
Fastest Shrinking Jobs:
Farmers, Agricultural Workers (Varies)
Mail Sorters ($48,340)
Sewing Machine Operators ($22,630)
Postal Service Carriers ($50,250)
Switchboard/ Answering Machine Workers ($26,280)
Most Demanded Jobs in Appalachian Area 2020
Top 5 Projected Jobs in 2020:
Food,Lodging, and Entertainment Industry (Min Wage)
Retail and Trade (Min Wage)
State and Local Government ($30,000-$50,000)
Health and Social Services (min of $60,000)
Professional and Technical Services (Varies)
Least Demanded Jobs in Appalachian Area in 2020
Least Demanded Jobs in 2020:
Utilities (Varies)
Coal and Gas Mining (Varies)
Federal Government and Military (Varies)
Farming and Forestry ($26,720)
Education ($43,000)
Most Demanded Engineering/Tech Jobs in 2020
Top 5 Projected Engineering Jobs:
Civil Eningeers
Inc by 10-19% (Approx. 50,000+ jobs)
Inc by 20-28% (Approx. 10,000-50,000 jobs)
Inc by 29%+ (Approx. 5,000-10,000 jobs)
Inc by 9% (Approx. 10,000-50,000 jobs)
Inc by 9% (Approx. 50,000+ jobs)
Least Demanding Engineering/Tech Jobs for 2020
Least Demanded Jobs in 2020:
Aerospace (Approx 4,000 jobs)
Chemical (Approx 1,800 jobs)
Electrical (Approx 17,600 jobs)
Industrial (13,100)
Mechanical (Approx 21,300 jobs)
Reference Page
Reference Page
The Future Jobs of America
Annie Strader and Nate Plumley
*Projected salaries are based off of 2010 Census
Average Tuition Costs: Range from $9,410-$32,405
**Average tuition include public (both in and out of state) and private colleges)
*On the bottom b/c they are showing least amount of percentage growth between now and 2020
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