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BioData: Clustering Project

No description

Sharlee Climer

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of BioData: Clustering Project

Clustering Project
Preprocess to identify specific structures
'Linear' structures
Remove structures that may be biased against in subsequent steps
Remove structures that may be degraded in subsequent steps

Midterm exam on Wednesday, March 7th
Meet with graduate students near end of class
End class early for undergraduates today
Clustering project
Code and results due March 21st
Opportunities for group projects
BFS and base code
Wednesday's class
Bring charged laptop, if desired
Group Projects
Percent effort chart required
Each student receives individual grade
Preliminary chart submitted within one week
Final chart due with final project submission
Your previously submitted work plan will be considered in your grade
Use of existing code is fine
Be absolutely sure to cite source!!!
Maximum of 3 students per group
Base code
Several ideas involved the use of node degrees
Straightforward implementation using linked lists
Base code will read in a gml file
Create linked lists representing network
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