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Academic Language

No description

Rose Parsons

on 23 June 2017

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Transcript of Academic Language

Friday, June 23, 2017
What do you think is the importance of
using academic language?
Learning Objectives
Speaking & Listening 7.6
: I can decide if formal or informal English is appropriate to a specific task and use proper grammar when writing, speaking, reading or listening when indicated.

Writing 7.2d
: I can use exact vocabulary and domain specific terms to inform or explain a topic.

1. Listen as I read the excerpt once (paragraph 3).
2. Reread it as a class.
3. Reread silently on your own for the 3rd time and annotate.

Directions (continued)
4. Partner A will be the Questioner (Q) and Summarizer (S). Partner B will be the Clarifier (C) and Predictor (P). While the Partner A reads the excerpt, Partner B will write everything he/she hears Partner A says. They will switch roles.
5. During discussion between partners, they will discuss what they gathered from what they heard and use the sentence frames provided on the Q,S,C,P cards.

Directions (continued)
6. Share out what your partner has voiced during your discussion.
7. You will go to todaysmeet.com/ELA_Parsons, answering the exit ticket question. (Be sure to use academic language in your answer.)

What evidence supports your opinion on why you think childhood obesity exists?
Academic Language
English Class
Mrs. Parsons
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