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No description

Salenska Sobalvarro

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Volunteer

entering into any service of your own free will and
Share a Common Interest
. . . . spending time with someone who enjoys the same interest like cooking, knitting, dancing, etc., or introducing something new. . .
Enjoy Recreation & Leisure
. . . . participating in recreational activities like swimming, bowling, playing hockey or darts, or doing fitness. . .
Become a Friend
. . . . forming a natural friendship with someone new and interacting in the community.
. . .
Community Living Windsor is looking for volunteers to share their time and talents assisting a person with a disability by. . . .
offering to do something without being asked
. . . . learning or improving a skill like reading, baking, taking the bus, or using a computer. Strengthen and develop . . .
Learn Clerical Support
. . . . helping the organization with public awareness materials and clerical duties like typing, filing, collating, or photocopying. . .
Have Fun Fundraising
. . . . helping the organization with special activities like planning, preparation or event assistance. . . .
"To make a difference".
"When I volunteer I feel excited to be part of something larger than myself and my needs".
"Volunteering is an awesome way to give back to the community while doing what I love to do".
Grazie! Miigwetch! Dziekuje! Mahalo!
Ju lutem!
Dzakujo! Kiitos!
Waita! Nali tumela!

Terima Kasih! Nandri!

"It is important to volunteer so that we can share our time and our talents with people who can benefit or are in need".
"I don't know, not sure, I just do it".
"Supporting your local community, raising awareness to others, helping those who are not as fortunate, using what ever experience you have to gain further knowledge and experience and its about sharing quality time with others".
Video Bowling
Volunteering for the pass 5 years; filing, sorting, cooking and doing cashier.
Making paper flower for Capacita Fiesta 2012
Dancing for Capacita Fiesta 2011
"I volunteer to be part of my community and to help others".
"I like to help people and get them out of the house".
"I think volunteering is important because it connects you to your community. It keeps you hamble and grounded".
"To meet new people and have new experiences to laugh have fun and enjoy life. This is why you sould volunteer and why I volunteer".
I asked volunteers around our
organization to share with us
their though on Why Volunteering
and Why they volunteer?

and here are some answers:
At the park, Family Fun Day 2008

Fundraising Capacita Fiesta 2008
Family Fun Day 2012
Crazy Hot Dinner Party
Cooking Indian Food
Fundraising, Capacita 2009
More Dancing, Capacita 2009
More Fundraising, Capacita 2008
Playing Music
More Chorus, Christmas 2012
Celebraring Christmas 2011
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