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Matthias Meersschaert

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

bla bla
1. Feed and elevate the ongoing debate around the nuclear technology in general, and nuclear energy in particular

2. Provide factual information so that people can make an informed opinion on nuclear applications (rather than simply try to ‘convince’ people of the advantages)

3. Restore confidence in the nuclear sector and illustrate its ongoing willingness to communicate with the general public in all transparency
restore confidence in the nuclear sector
and illustrate our ongoing willingness
to communicate with the general public
in all transparency
conversation starter
gather questions
trigger more questions
provide answers
keep the story alive
Waste : 18 %
Safety and security of nuclear power plants (stress tests, Fukushima, …): 15,5 %
Comparisons with green energy (alternatives, costs, wind, sun, …) : 14 %
R&D (MYRRHA project, fusion, thorium…) : 12 %
Radioactivity : 9,5 %
Diverse nuclear applications (medical, food, industry, …) : 6 %
Belgian nuclear phasing out and dismantlement : 5,5 %
NPP insurances  : 5 %
Communication campaign (cost, members, who’s behind the Forum, who answers the questions, …) : 4 %
« Negative » questions  (criticism, propaganda, ..) : 3,5 %
« Positive » questions (push for nuclear in Belgium, … )  : 1,5 %
Others : 5.5 %

Looming government's decision to phase out nuclear energy in Belgium between 2015 and 2025
>> over 800 followers
>> over 1.950 tweets
>> 4 to 8 tweets per day

>> international followers:
Foratom, IAEA, NEI, NEA, IEA, ASN France, Areva, World nuclear news, Lampiris, GDF-Suez, EDF, Westinghouse Nuclear, UICG (union contre cancer), …

>> key Belgian journalistes and national energy politicians have started to follow and retweet us
2.000 Q&A
TV commercials
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