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Summer of Love 1967

No description

Reid DeCorso

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Summer of Love 1967

Reid DeCorso
The Summer of Love 1967
Why was the Summer of Love so influential towards the young adults of society?
Why was the Summer of Love able to reach out to so many young people all over the world? There are many contributing factors, mainly:
Thought of as the father of The Summer of Love...
Music and media played a huge role as to why the Summer of Love was so influential...
What was the Summer of Love?
As Mentioned Before...
San Francisco was a place of peace
-People, including Allen Ginsberg and famous psychedelic rock bands
-the fact that their message was able to spread so far, so fast
-Young adults who were still thinking about which path to choose in life were naive, and easy to manipulate
-renowned poet, world traveler, and spiritual seeker
-helped plan the Human Be-In (allenginsberg.org)
-was extremely popular among the hippies, and promoted the use of LSD and open sexuality
-extremely against the democratic society
-considered the younger audience when speaking publicly:
-A Human Be-In (festival in which hundreds of people who are inspired by the hippy movement gather and listen to bands and play music) was held on January 14, 1967
-This festival brought thousands of hippies from across America, and is considered the 'spark' that lead to the events that occurred that summer
-it was used as a way to spread the ideas of free love and LSD and the Psychedelic lifestyle
-newspaper and magazine publishers made the mistake of giving widespread recognition to the movement by broadcasting the amount of people that have moved to San Francisco and showing those numbers all across America (the60sofficialsite.com)
-Psychedelic Rock topped the music charts for about a decade, further spreading the message of the lifestlye
San Francisco's population at this time was dominated mostly by young adults in their late teens and early twenties. It would have been harder for this entire movement to appeal to middle aged people as well, because they most likely already KNOW their role in society and have lived their lives following a set of rules they are accustomed to. College and high school students are much more manipulative, in that they will believe what they hear and want to become part of the next big trend.
-it was a place where people could come to a large agreement with each other that certain things in society were causing people to retaliate
-the two biggest issues were:
Thesis- The Summer of Love appealed to so many people internationally through the promise of creating a new lifestyle/culture that enticed only young adults. Although, what was thought of as such a popular and radical way of living, only stayed true to a very small percent of people interested in the lifestyle.
The Main Reasons the Influence Spread...
-People (Famous or not) to spread the idea
-Hard to convince older people to join the movement
-Easy to convince young adults who are trying to find their place in society
-The idea of a counter culture
will be discussed further.
"The Human Be-In is the joyful, face-to-face beginning of the new epoch." -- The San Francisco Oracle, Vol. 1, Issue 5, p. 2 (pbs.com)
Real Human Be-In Promotional poster (ginsbergblog.blogspot.ca)
-Although the hippies of America began thriving in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district following the Be-In, it wasn't until the summer of '67 when the fad reached a maximum.

-Over 100,000 hippies moved to San Francisco during the summer alone (the60sofficialsite.com), creating the phenomenon of the counter culture that would be known around the world.

-It thrived most in the summer due to schools and institutions not being in session, giving freedom for the youth of America and other countries to travel to San Francisco.
-over the course of the summer, the idea of 'dropping out' and living the new, non-democratic, non-materialistic lifestlye started to kick in (materialism and democracy leads to a world of war and intloerance)
-communal living, free love, differing religious beliefs, creative expression, and heavy drug use were accepted as a norm in San Francisco
-protests took place against the Vietnam War and pollution
-men started growing their hair, women started to go out in public half naked, and everyday clothing became bright and colourful, very non-formal
-the "Psychedelic Era" was born
-the idea of social acceptance and peace became popular, but not a lot of people became 100% commited to the idea of completely turning their backs to society
"We embraced the Summer of Love with intentional flirtation, but not total commitment." (Linda Saulsby -- Where Were You During The Summer of Love?)
The Influence
Allen Ginsberg
“...gathering of younger people aware of the planet’s fate — desiring a new kind of society involving prayer, music and spiritual life.” (Ginsberg-- allenginsberg.org)
"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" (Ginsberg-- brainyquotes.com)
Music and

Some of the most famous bands during
the time include...
The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely
Hearts Club Band)
Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit)
Jimi Hendrix (Are you Experienced?)
One song in particular literally told people to come to San Francisco to join the hippie movement and forget about the materialistic life back home.
Note: All of those songs were released in 1967, most of them during the summer.
As mentioned before, the lyrics of these songs express life within the counter culture and what it consists of, whether it's explicit or implicit. The new styles of melody and harmony that didn't follow the traditional beat of music appealed to hippies as, like the movement itself, it was socially 'different'. Most of those songs were what jump started the bands' career due to the extreme popularity of the new and growing Psychedelic genre, proving the strong influence it had on those that listened.
Old vs. Young
"Youth flocked to San Francisco to be part of the hippie scene, to dance, to listen to rock and roll, to protest the Vietnam war, and to take drugs, particularly marijuana, hashish, and psychedelic drugs."-- (Journal of Psychoactive Drugs)
"I should have known all about the Summer of Love, but I didn't give it a thought. In those days, I never had time to read The Washington Post." (Marjorie Perloff-- Where Were You During The Summer of Love?)
The Idea of Being One
The Environment
"The hippie movement arose in part in opposition to the US involvement in the Vietnam War (1955-75)." (The Growth of a Superpower, America From 1945 to Today)
The Haight-Ashbury district was like a safe haven of ideas for the young hippies, and as a group consisting of individuals with the same beliefs and values, were able to create huge recognition for themselves. Around this time, 49% of Americans were against the US involvement in the Vietnam War (The Vietnam War-- learn360.com), which caused the hippies to begin large protests and begin boycotting their classes to be heard (timetoast.com). These protests, along with the environmental protests, are what started groups such as Greenpeace, which is now an international anti-pollution group today, proving that the hippies also created some long term achievements. So, values such as these are what inspired people from all across the world to join in on the counter culture of America.
Summer's End
-the "Flower Children" of San Francisco began to depart, as living conditions and a high death count of drug overdose lead to the discomfort of those who were there to enjoy something new, which was most of them
-the hippy ideals didn't die off after the summer (as we see later at Woodstock), and the values began to continue its spread as hippies began to return to Canada, England, Australia, Japan, India, etc.
-a mock funeral was held to commemorate the ending of a massive but short-lived movement
So why was it short-lived?
-Of the hundreds of thousands of people that moved to San Francisco, only a handful of them stayed after the summer ended, staying true to the living standards of a hippie
-High school students began returning to school, and college students started to get careers and jobs
-Free love began to be used as an excuse for rape, and outlaws and criminals overran the city
In Conclusion...
The main reasons why the Summer of Love was so influential was because of..
-Leaders and famous people who were able to help make the movement widespread
-the young adults who proved to be very easy to convince because of where they sat in society
-it was a place where people with common ideals and values could group together
-it ended because of how overwhelming it was to those who were there for the experience
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**The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs citation was the journal from Gale Powersearch that I could not find again.
Note: This presentation will focus mainly on the hippy movement influence, not so much their overall intentions
One a more personal note...
I feel like if the same type of movement were to happen today, it would be even MORE influential. Nowadays, all people in general are more more comfortable expressing themselves as individuals, and something like another hippy movements wouldn't be pushing as many boundaries as it did before. For example, Occupy Wall Street became a huge protest across North America, the center of which was in New York City. Like the Summer of Love, most of the occupiers were young urban professionals who were opposed to the economic ideals of the American government. (The rich get richer, the poor get poorer)
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