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Line Segments, Angles, 4th Grade Geometry

No description

Kasie Core

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Line Segments, Angles, 4th Grade Geometry

Lines, Points, and Angles...ooooh MY!!! EXPLORING GEOMETRY :) POINT EXACT LOCATION IN SPACE . C LINE A STRAIGHT PATH OF POINTS THAT GOES ON AND ON IN TWO DIRECTIONS. Plane an endless flat surface Parallel Lines set of lines that NEVER intersect. Where are my parallel lines? Intersecting Lines lines that pass through the same point no right angles! Perpendicular Lines lines that intersect and form square corners makes a right angle RAY Part of a line that has one endpoint and continues on forever in one direction. Line Segment Part of a line with two endpoints ANGLE A figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint. Angles are given special names depending upon their size. Right Angle Angle that forms a square corner or 90 degree angle Acute Angle An angle that is less than a right angle she's so cute! Obtuse Angle An angle that is greater than a right angle Straight Angle An angle that forms a straight line.
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