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Jack London - "To Build a Fire" Presentation

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Lauren Birish

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Jack London - "To Build a Fire" Presentation

Jack London "To Build a Fire" Jack London 1876-1916 Self- made man
"No mentor but myself" Highest paid American author of the time Hiked cross-country Believed in Spencerian
Survival of the Fittest Style Journalistic Used Realism Philosophical Travel Map Symbols The man = Thought The dog= Instinct The man from Sulphur Creek= Common Sense Snow= Danger/ death Fire= Life What was his major flaw? Arrogance How did this flaw lead to his death? Based on the ideas of Survival of the Fittest: He was not the most fit (because he had too big of an ego) S.O.T.F. only applies when you take nature into consideration He used thought instead of instinct What is the point?/ What & where is the Epiphany? The point is that in a battle between man and nature, nature wins Don't be ignorant Epiphany at the end when he realizes that he has been a fool Similarities to "Paul's Case" Snow= death Arrogance leads to conflict Epiphany occurs at the end right before death Into the Wild Connections to "To Build a Fire" "Jack London is KING" Ignorance/independence got the best of them Realized epiphany too late (on death bed) (same for Paul's case) They do not regret it Other Questions for Consideration Why does London choose this viewpoint? (narrated) What is the narrator's tone? How would you characterize the man? (What type of guy do you think he would be?) How far does independence really get you? At what point do you get help?
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