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Childhood Home

No description

Tim Clasquin

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Childhood Home

Childhood Home
-Shows The Boy that no matter how hard you try, you can never fully erase the past. This is why The Man doesn’t want him to see dead people; because there are certain things you can never “un-see”.
-Even though The Boy was born with nothing, The Man had everything to lose. This changes the way The Boy views The Man, he has a newfound respect for his father

Shooting a Man In Front of His Son
-Even though The Man preaches the fact that killing is wrong, he shows The Boy that he is willing to do anything to protect him.
-Only one bullet was now left in the gun so The Man thinks of the possibility of killing his son later on rather than himself. The Boy is the only thing he has left; this shows that he is willing to give literally everything he has for the better life of his son.

The Hatch
-After sleeping for a day and a half, it shows that through thick and thin, or no matter the circumstances they both have to keep moving to survive. “The night is darkest before the dawn.”
-The Boy is finally happy after months on the road, The Man sees another meaning to “carrying the fire”.

They Make It To the Coast
-The sea was a vast, beautiful area but is now in ruins like the rest of the world. Nothing can escape from the disaster no matter how hard it tries.
-The Boy gets deathly sick, and The Man is too exhausted to fully take care of him. The Man began to blame God for the new world him and his son are living in.

The Man Realizes He Is Going to Die Soon
-After all the hardships and heartbreak they’ve experienced, The Man decides that The Son can live on his own if he was to die and leave The Son alone.
-“There was light all about him.” The Man sees his son as an angel, and he was the only reason The Man chose to keep on living.

Tim Clasquin, Kaitlyn Chain, Aaron Scites, Sean Blackwell
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