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ENGL 1215 Revision and Job Hunt Workshops

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 3 December 2018

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Transcript of ENGL 1215 Revision and Job Hunt Workshops

And here

And here

And here

Why is Editing SO IMPORTANT? Here’s Why...

Sentence by sentence polishing

Only worry about this after you’re completely satisfied with the content, organization, tone and format
Check for:
Clear sentences
Good word choices
Punctuation and spelling
Plan for Today

Make changes, have final draft printed and ready by classtime (or dropboxed)
For Next Time..

“Good writing is not written, it’s rewritten”—Phyllis Whitney
Revision and Workshops

I’ll try to convince y’all that revising and editing are SUPER important
Discuss the Revision stage of writing
Think about a time when you would have liked a second chance…
We all deserve a second chance…

is your second chance to do things right in writing
is the polish
Focuses on content and organization
fill info gaps, logical gaps
find places for beneficial change
correct errors or oversights in message

Best done after time away

Does the writing meet the six qualifications of Professional Writing?
gives measurements?
Read Chapter 3: E-Communications at Work
Your friend has something in his teeth. What do you do?
Peer Revision
Peer Revisions helps point out places to improve materials
places the author can't see him/herself
it's about
, not
You are qualified
You're in the same class and know the assignment
you know writing that isn't working
Peers ask for advice all the time
No improvements ever came from telling a writer the following:
it seems good to me
I don't know what you should change
it's fine
Help your classmate out
Don't sent him/her to grading with spinach in their teeth or a "kick me" sign on their back
Even if they don't take your suggestion, at least you tried
discuss your rubric suggestions, but start with what was done well
Swap job posting, resume, app letter
Isolate keywords/phrases on the job posting
read resume looking for these/places to add these, fill out rubric
ditto with app letter
practice answering questions, give feedback
I will check your rough drafts for points when you're done
See list on page 42-43
and page 133-141 on memos
read aloud!
Repeat for groupmate 2-3
See handout

Let's Practice!
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