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Checking Out the Internet

No description

burr osoinach

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of Checking Out the Internet

Piloting circulating wifi hotspots
in Cobb County

Checking out the Internet
Provide access to those without home wifi
Provide convenient internet access for vacations, trips, business meetings
Provide internet access for students
Provide much needed wifi for outreach

Keep hotspots in at-need branches
Consider circulation periods to meet demand/provide adequate usability
Allow some hotspots to circulate in general collection
Get Buy In
Get the word out!

Goals and strategies for the program
Choose a vendor
Put together a naming & password convention
Set up the hotspots
First we have to make this work…

Create packaging and labeling
Create a marc record & link Hotspots
Get information out to Staff
Promote in the branch
Promote on the Website
Then we need to library it
1) Work with the vendor to configure devices
2) Create a naming convention / SSID & Password pattern that makes sense
3) Secure the Administrative access to the wifi devices
4) Create labeling for the devices and secure the internal reset
5) Create packaging, artwork, and labeling for the case
6) Create a marc record, upload to catalog & link items
7) Advertise in the Branch / Get talking points to staff
8) Add to the website & Social Media

What does this all look like?

We’re all done.
What could go wrong?
Wow. That’s a lot of holds.
Learn the system. Monopolize the hotspots.
And then don’t bring them back.
And when you do, come in with a family member.
And then check out the hotspot again.
Rinse, and Repeat.

Rethink how HotSpots are Distributed
Remove fixed collections and move to full floating collection
Centrally track HotSpot use (and abuse).
This tracking thing takes a lot of time.
Notifying delinquent accounts.
Disabling Hotspot access.
Using customer Service or using web management.

How has the Usage Been?
Discussion, Questions, and other Systems using Hotspots
Let's Add WiFi HotSpots
to the Library!
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