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1800's Mentally ill/Prison Reform

No description

Jorge Mendez

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of 1800's Mentally ill/Prison Reform

Had problems 1800's Mentally ill/ Prison Reform By: Jorge Mendez Alexa Neithercut Jessica Vences Dorothea Dix led the Menally ill/ prison reform. She began teaching Sunday school
in a Massachusetts prison in 1841 When she discovered that people
suffering from mental illnesses were
kept in prisons along with criminals,
she decided to change things Reform was known as the
Penitentiary Movement spent 2 years visiting every
prison, almshouse, and hospitals
in Massachusetts Dix went on a cross country campaign across the United States
trying to convince people to build humane mental hospitals Her campaigns were very successful, led directly
to building of the first mental hospital Dix and other reformers thought that prisons should make criminals feel penitence for their crimes. That's why the reform became known as the penitentiary movement Dix helped establish state mental hospitals in 15 states and Canada Two types of penitentiaries were proposed by the reformers. The Eastern State System Used by Pennsylvania *Solitary Confinement *working alone in their cells *Exercising in individual yards Had problems expensive to run Isolation of prisoners made it be viewed as cruel The Auburn System Started in Central New York Prisoners worked together but in strict silence Slept in individual cells Thanks to - http://www.learnnc.org/lp/media/uploads/2009/05/dorothea_dix.jpg http://bigalsjokesite.webs.com/jail-cell http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_djGvTLbafFQ/TBtgagnE5EI/AAAAAAAAA-4/_0XtW_yktiM/s1600/blog777.jpg http://www25.uua.org/uuhs/duub/articles/dorotheadix.html Dix was very successful, her ideals were
carried out in Europe by Elizabeth Fry.
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