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Teenage Runaways

No description

Claudia Nickolls

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Teenage Runaways

Teenage Runaways and Homeless Teens Why do teenagers run away? Where do they go? What happens then? Homeless teens Homeless teens Homeless teens Homeless teens video Most teens that runaway , runaway as a last minute decision.
Most teenagers don't have a plan after the runaway so they tend to sleep in the streets.
Youth hostels.
Park benches.
Homeless shelters.
Unable to get a job many teens are "scouted" by pimps. or remain homeless. Where do they live ?
Most homeless teens build a community with other homeless teens.
Some live in abandoned warehouses
under tarps
on the street.
homeless shelters
Most homeless teens don't know where they will be living tomorrow or even where their next meal will come from.
A combination of runaways and teens that have been kicked out.
Teens that have no where to turn to.
Often become heavily reliant on drugs.
Resort to pan handling.
Many are killed, raped, abused. Teens dont run away for no reason some reasons include the .following.
Many teens run away to find safety.
Teens run away to seek freedom/ feel like adults.
The teen has been abused by a Parent or another family member.
32% a victim of sexual abuse.
Feel unwanted, neglected.
53% of teenage runaways have admitted to being a victim in some sort of physical abuse.
Substance abuse.
Depression. Most teenage prostitutes are runaways that have been provided shelter or other resources by pimps.
Since most runaways are underage and cannot get a job , they become permanently homeless Runaways and Prostitution 1.5 million teens that run away return with in a week but what if they don't? "For runaways , Sex is survival" Runaway teens are extremely vulnerable , they need shelter food , showers , warm clothes. Pimps can come off as kind and later tell the girls they need to repay them, by selling their bodies. Runaways are also easy to spot and are easily kidnapped because no one will note them as missing Runaways and prostitution After being kidnapped or lured by a pimp they are often threatened, or abused unless they have sex with strangers for money.

Have no family, no where else to turn to.
Promised luxuries , lifestyle, presents gifts.
Runaways and Prostitution What can you do to help? Talk to someone, a friend a parent you can also call the runaway hotline at 1 800 runaway
If it is a friend you are worried about , be there for them , support them , try and get them help, tell a parent.
Thanks for watching
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