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The Soda Fountain Timeline

Soda Fountain changing over time

Brianna Camp

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of The Soda Fountain Timeline

The Soda Fountain Inventor: Samuel Fahnestock He was born in Lancaster, PA in 1764
Had 6 children with his wife, Barbara Becker
He invented the soda fountain when he was 55 years old
He died at the age of 72 in 1836 Samuel Fahnestock built the soda fountain to make it easier to get soda. He also wanted to quench the social demand for carbonated soft drinks. The soda fountain is used to hold soda, or any kind of drink, and then dispence it. It was invented in the U.S. (possibly Pennsylvania) and used mostly in the U.S. but also used in Europe. Most soda fountains are found in resaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, drug stores, ice cream parlors, and gas stations. Timeline 1819 Samuel Fahnestock built the first soda fountain
The first patent was put on the soda fountain Samuel Fahnestock's first soda fountain was barrel shaped with a pump and spigot to dispence the soda. 1832 John Mathews invented a more improved soda fountain. 1858 G.D. Dows invented the first marble soda fountain.
He also operated it first. 1863 G.D. Dows places a patent on the marble soda fountain. 1870 More advanced and modern soda fountain patented by Gustavus Dows. 1883 A soda fountain was patented by James Tufts.
He called it the Arctic.
He became a huge soda fountain manufacturer. Doctor Heisinger patented the front service fountain
A revolution in the soda fountain design took place 1903 A more improved soda fountian. A counter where soda and ice cream are served A soda jerk, a person that opperates the soda fountain, behind the counter.
A soda fountain in the late 1800s A modern day soda fountain How the soda fountain works:
Making the soda:
1.) If you lower the temperature of the water or increase the pressure of the CO2 gas using a carbonator, the CO2 is dissolved into water.
2.) To allow the CO2 to dissolve into water, booster pumps force the water to increase in pressure.
Flavoring the soda:
1.) You mix the soda water with flavored syrup.
2.) When the customer pushes down on the lever, it triggers the syrup and carbonated water to mix and exit out the nozzle.
3.) Plastic bags that are hooked up to tubes supply the syrup.
4.) When the customer pushes down on the lever, the soda flavoring is drained from the plastic bags using air pressure.
The Ice Bin's Job:
1.) It provides ice for the drinks of the customers and keeps the soda cold.
2.) There is a rotary device that slowly pushes the ice toward the hole in the ice dispenser.
3.) The ice falls through the hole, down a chute, and into the customer's cup.
4.) The ice cubes that the customers don't use and come out anyway, fall into a bin at the bottom that has a grate over it.
5.) There is normally a drain in the bin that the melted ice cubes darin down to the sewer. THE END! :P
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