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Smart Goals

No description

Angela Maggio

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Smart Goals

Smart Goals
Goal setting by Angela Maggio
Why care about Smart Goals???
-help us get focused
-help plan achievements
-specific way to articulate goals
Time- Bound
-clear outcome
-no indecision
Who is involved?
What do I want to accomplish?
Where will the action take place?
When will the goal be achieved?
Why is this goal important?
Example: By the end
of the semester April 29,2016, I want to
earn an A in
- know if the goal
is attainable
-see how far away
the goal is

How do you
determine if your
goal is measurable?
-How many? How much?
To what degree will
you accomplish
the goal?
How will I know when my
goal is accomplished?
How will you measure success?
Goals should be specific!
Can you really attain your goal?
-clearly defined steps
-identify the goal
-determine how to attain it
-find the capacity to reach it
-worthwhile objective
-Is it urgent?
But can you really retain it?
How much time do you need?
-a specific date has been set for achieving the goal
-time is appropriate for keeping
goal performance
-deadline too far ahead can
cause procrastination-short term can be unrealistic
Broad Goal: I want to get good grades.

SMART Goal: By the end of the semester April 29,2016, I want to earn an A in Pharmacology. I will accomplish this by reviewing my notes daily and attending office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am-12pm to clarify information that I do not understand. From 7pm-9pm I also want to study the material by relistening to the lecture and making flashcards of the drugs. On my first exam, February 8th, I want to earn an 88 or above in order to start off strong and continue to do well. Lastly, I will go to tutoring on Fridays in order to study the material in a group setting which will ensure that I receive a final grade above 92.5%.
Measurable: I have the entire semester
to accomplish this goal. My success
will be measured by the grades I
receive on my exams.
Attainable: I will attend tutoring sessions,
relisten to recorded lectures, study in groups,
attend class and office hours!
Relevant: receiving an 'a' in
pharmacology will provide
me with a great foundation
for my rotations, naplex,
and future classes!

Time-Based: By the end of the semester April 29,2016.
What questions might you ask a struggling student?

How can you help them make smart goals?
Personal Plan
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