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The Hadal Zone

No description

Christian Argo

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hadal Zone

The Hadal Zone
The Hadal zone is located in the deepest parts of the ocean from 6000m deep and greater
Conditions include extreme darkness and pressures, cold temperatures, low oxygen levels, and underwater volcanoes
Due to the lack of sunlight, photosynthesis is impossible so deep in the ocean, therefore, plants cannot live here
Although, animals have adapted to the intense pressures and lack of light and sustain life down there. Most have lost their sense of sight and heightened their other senses
The Hadal zone was first explored by mere cameras, but due to recent advances in technology, we can now take personally controlled submarines that can take the intense pressures in the deep ocean
Some fun facts:
The deepest part of the ocean is deeper than Mt.Everist is tall
The pressures in the Hadal zone measure to about 8 tons per square inch. That's an equivalent to eight whales crushing you all at once from all directions
Supposedly, by studying how the bottom of the ocean looks like, we may be glimpsing what Jupiter's moon may even look like
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