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Manor Life

No description

Maddie Felix

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Manor Life

Lords and peasants supported each other
Lords became rich because of the peasants working
Lords protected peasants
Most peasants were born and died without stepping foot outside the manor. 1 out of 3 children lived to be 1 year old. Children were ignored. Life expectancy of a woman was 24 years old. They married at 12 years old, males married at 14. People who lived to be 40 looked like they were 80 years old.
How did the Manoralism system work?
What is manorialism exactly?
Running the Manor
Country people lived there

Few goods were imported from the outside

Had public village feasts around Christmastime, harvest, etc.

Lord lived there with his family
Manorialism: Life on a Manor
Due: Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
By: Maddie Felix, Matt Fasick, Alaira Kish, Laura Cole and Ashton Craycraft
What did it consist of?
The Building Itself
Our 3 Questions

Looked like castles


Only wealthy Lords and their servants/workers lived there

Extensive land or grounds

Had gardens and/or stables

Protected by a high wall and/or a moat

Usually the center of the community

1.Who lived in a manor?

2.What did the manor provide for the community?

3.What did the manors look like? What was included in the grounds and land of a manor?

Bonus:Who was the Reeve and what was their job?
Manor Life

Manorialism- a social system in which peasents worked on a lord's land and supplied him with food in exchange for his protection of them
The People Who Lived There


Lord's family


Additional servants/workers

Reeve (Overseer of the manor)
Thank You!
Questions or Comments?
Hope you liked it!
The End!
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